How to Turn YouTube Video into GIF

You can turn a YouTube video into a GIF and here’s how:

Copy the URL of the YouTube video which you want to convert into a GIF.

Now, click this URL and then paste the URL in the field at the bottom.

Select the quality of the GIF (“High” and “HD” are Premium options) and remember that removing the watermark is a Premium option.

Choose the GIF beginning from the first slider, GIF length from the second slider and GIF speed from the third slider.

Three sliders

Note that you can also add captions and stickers. You can enable the “Ping Pong effect” and “Audio” if you wish.

Click on “Continue to Publishing” button.

Now, you can see the option to change the GIF name along with the options to choose the category (mandatory) and add tags (optional).

GIF Settings

Click on “Create Your GIF” button.

Create Your GIF button

That’s it. Your GIF is created successfully, and you can see the download and share options that you can use as per your preference.