Time Watched Profile – The Time You’ve Spent on Watching YouTube Videos

Time watched profile, a feature on YouTube for Android, lets you know how much time you've spent on watching YouTube videos. It'll show you the time spent today, yesterday, last week and the daily average.

This information is pulled from your watch history of all YouTube products except YouTube Music app. Remember that the "Time watched profile" doesn't count the videos you've deleted from watch history and the videos you've watched in incognito mode.

To view the time you've spent on watching YouTube videos, follow these steps:

  • angle-right
    ​Hit the profile icon at the top of the YouTube app.
  • angle-right
    ​Now, you can see "Time watched" option between "My channel" and Paid memberships." Tap on it to see the duration you've spent.
Time watched screen
  • Save

Beneath the duration information, you can see tools to manage the time you spent on YouTube. The tools are - Remind me to take a break, Autoplay next video, Scheduled digest, and Disable sounds & vibrations. You can use these tools if you wish.

Here's an important thing to note - Time watched profile will not be available to you if you pause watch history.

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Time Watched Profile - The Time You've Spent on Watching YouTube Videos

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