How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode

What is YouTube Restricted Mode?

Restricted Mode (previously known as Safety Mode) is basically a parental control feature which filter videos that containing inappropriate or sensitive content.

You can use this feature to prevent yourself or your kids from watching such videos.

Important Things to Know About YouTube Restricted Mode

  • ​Keep in mind that this feature is not 100% accurate. But, you can prevent most of such videos with this feature turned on.
  • Another important thing to note here is that turning on this feature is not applied to all browsers and browser profiles. It means that you need to turn on this feature for each browser and profile separately.

By default, it is not turned on and you need to enable it. In this post, we will see the steps to do this on PC and Android. Let’s get started.

Enable YouTube Restricted Mode on Computer

Here are the steps:

  • Open YouTube on your browser. Make sure you have not logged into your account.
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the screen.
  • Find and click "Restricted Mode" option.
  • Click "On" and then "Save" button.

Click the images to see the large version of it.

The restricted mode is enabled now. But, the thing is that anyone can disable it.

If you don’t want others to disable it, then you need to lock restricted mode and here are the steps to do that:

  • Click on "Restricted Mode" option at the bottom of the YouTube screen.
  • Click on "sign in" link and then provide the credentials of your account.
  • Now you can see a link stating "Lock Restricted Mode on this browser". Click on it.

That's it. The restricted mode is locked on your browser. Just sign out of the browser so that no can unlock and disable restricted mode.

If anyone wants to unlock and disable restricted mode, then they need to have your account credentials to do that.

To unlock and disable this mode, here are the steps:

  • Open YouTube and sign into your account.
  • Click on “Restricted Mode". Now click on “Unlock Restricted Mode on this browser" link.
Unlock restricted mode on this browser

Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube App

  • Open the YouTube app on your Android device.
  • Tap Profile Picture > Settings > General.
  • Tap the switch beside the “Restricted Mode" to enable it.

You can turn off this option at anytime you want by disabling the switch.

Enable Restricted Mode on YouTube Mobile Version

  • Open YouTube in your mobile browser.
  • Tap Overflow menu (three vertical dots) at the top right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Settings.
  • Tap "Restricted Mode" option to turn it on.

You can turn off this option at any time by tapping "Restricted Mode" option.

Keep in mind that there is no way to lock restricted mode on YouTube app and YouTube mobile version. So others can disable restricted mode.

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How to Enable YouTube Restricted Mode

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