How to Use YouTube’s Incognito Mode

YouTube's incognito mode is available on YouTube for Android, and not on the YouTube web version.

Before we see the steps to enable incognito mode, here are some critical things about it:

  • ​Your search and watch history will be cleared when you disable incognito or when you're inactive for more than 90 minutes.
  • You can't like, comment or subscribe while you're using incognito.
  • ​After you've activated incognito, you can access the Home and Trending section of the YouTube app, and you can't access the Subscriptions, Inbox and Library section.

​If you are "OK" with the above, then you can move ahead to the steps to activate.

  • angle-right
    ​Open the YouTube app.
  • angle-right
    ​Hit the profile picture at the top, and you can see "Turn on Incognito" option. Tap on it.
Turn on Incognito option
  • Save

That's it. You should be in the incognito mode now.

The bar at the bottom stating "You're incognito" is a reminder that you're using incognito mode and it'll be there until you use incognito.

You're incognito
  • Save

How to Turn Off Incognito Mode

If you're inactive for more than 90 minutes, then the incognito mode will get disabled automatically.

Alternatively, you can turn it off by using the following steps:

  • angle-double-right
    ​Hit the incognito icon at the top.
  • angle-double-right
    ​Now, you can see "Turn off Incognito" option. Tap on it.
Turn off Incognito option
  • Save

That's it. All done.

Keep in mind that you'll be in the account you've last used after you've turned off incognito or after the incognito mode gets disabled automatically due to inactivity.

I hope that the information in this guide is useful to you. If it is, share this guide with your friends.

How to Use YouTube's Incognito Mode

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