How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

​Enabling YouTube dark mode is a simple task, and here’s how you can do that on PC, Android, and iPhone:


Go to YouTube.

Sign in to your account. Click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.


You can activate dark mode even without signing into your account. After you visit YouTube, click on Overflow Menu (three vertical dots). Now, follow the below steps.

You can see “Dark theme: Off.” Click on it. 

Dark theme Off

Besides “Dark theme:” you can see the current status of the dark mode. Currently, the dark theme is disabled, and that is why it is “Off.” When the dark theme is turned on, the status will be “On,” and the option will look like “Dark theme: On.”

Click on toggle beside “Dark Theme,” and that’s all. 

Dark Theme
Enabled Dark Theme

Here are two important things to note:

For each browser, you’ve to enable dark mode separately.

Repeat the above steps to turn off the dark theme on YouTube.

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  1. ​Open the YouTube app.

  2. Hit the profile picture at the top. Select “Settings.”

  3. ​Tap “General,” which you can find above “Autoplay.”

  4. ​Tap “Dark theme,” which you can find beneath “Remind me to take a break,” and that’s all.
    Dark theme in YouTube for Android

Enabled Dark theme in YouTube for Android

Keep in mind that the above steps can disable the dark theme in YouTube for Android.

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Open YouTube app.

Hit profile picture > Settings.

Hit the “Dark theme,” and that’s all.

Dark theme in YouTube for iPhone
Enabled Dark theme in YouTube for iPhone

If you want to disable the dark theme, then follow the above steps.

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