How to Enable YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook Dark Mode (2020)

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How to Enable Dark Mode on YouTube

​Let’s see the steps to enable YouTube dark mode on PC, Android, and iOS.


Here, I’m using the Chrome browser in Windows 10 PC. Let’s see the steps.

Sign into your YouTube account.

Click on your profile picture at the top right of the screen.

Note: You can activate dark mode even without signing into your account. If you prefer this, then visit YouTube, and click on three vertical dots at the top. Then follow the below steps.

Hit “Dark theme: Off.”

Besides the “Dark theme:” you always see the dark mode status. The dark theme is disabled, and that’s why above you see “Off.”

Enable the switch besides “Dark Theme.”

That’s it. The dark mode is on.

Here are some important things to note:

  • For each browser, you’ve to enable dark mode separately.
  • To turn off the dark theme on YouTube, follow the above steps. But disable the switch.


Launch the YouTube app.

Hit the profile picture at the top right.

Tap “Settings.”

Hit “General,” which is above “Autoplay.”

Tap “Appearance.”

In the pop-up, you can see the following three options:

  • Use device theme – This option sets your Android device theme as the YouTube theme.
  • Light theme – Disable dark mode.
  • Dark theme – Enable dark mode.

Pick the one you prefer (except “Light theme”).

That’s it.

Remember that any time you can turn off the dark mode by choosing “Light theme.”


Open the YouTube app.

Hit profile picture at the top right.

Tap “Settings.”

Enable “Dark theme.”

That’s all.

Note that if you want to disable the dark theme, then follow the above steps. But instead of enabling, disable.

How to Turn On Twitter Dark Mode

Let’s see how to enable dark mode on Twitter (PC, Android, and iPhone), which is disabled by default.


Sign into Twitter.

Click “More” on the left side of the screen.

Hit “Display.”

In the pop-up’s “Background” section, select “Lights out” or “Dim.”

To disable dark mode – Follow the above steps But select “Default.”

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Android or iPhone

Method #1

Open the Twitter app.

Tap the three vertical lines at the top left.

Hit the “Bulb” icon at the bottom.

For Android

In the pop-up, you see the following options at the top:

  • Off (turn off dark mode)
  • On (turn on dark mode)
  • Automatic at sunset (enable dark mode at sunset and disable dark mode at sunrise).

Choose the one you prefer. I’m choosing “On.”

In the pop-up’s “Dark theme” section, you can see these two options: Dim and Lights out.

Both are dark themes, and the chosen one will be in use when the dark mode turned on. Choose the one you prefer.

For iPhone

Check the below “For iPhone” section.

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Method #2

Open the Twitter app.

Hit three vertical lines > Settings and privacy > Display and sound.

For Android

Tap “Dark mode.”

Select “On,” or “Automatic at sunset.”

Choose the dark theme.

For iPhone

Tap “Dark mode.”

Enable the switch besides “Dark mode.”

Or you can enable “Use device settings.” it’ll turn on dark mode in the Twitter app if your iPhone is in dark mode. And if your iPhone isn’t in dark mode, so do the Twitter app is.

In the “Theme” section, you can see dark mode themes.

Choose the one you want.

Note: If you want the dark mode enabled at sunset and disabled at sunrise automatically, tap the switch beside the “Automatic dark mode.”

To Disable Dark Mode

Android: Follow the above steps, tap “Dark mode,” and then select “Off.”

iPhone: Follow the above steps. Disable the switch beside the “Dark mode” and “Use device settings.”

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How to Enable Facebook Dark Mode


Let’s see how to enable dark mode on Facebook desktop version:

Sign into Facebook.

Hit the “Inverted triangle” at the top right.

Enable the switch beside “Dark mode” to enable dark mode for Facebook. To disable dark mode for Facebook, you need to disable the same switch.

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