How to See Your YouTube Comment History (2019 Edition)

You can see your YouTube comment history at any time you want and here’s how you can do it on PC:

Go to this URL. Sign in if not already.

Now, you can see all your YouTube comments.

YouTube comment history

If you click on “comment” or “Commented,” then you’ll be taken to that comment.

If you click on “Replied,” then you’ll be taken to that reply.

When you hover your mouse over a comment, you can see Overflow Menu (three vertical dots). Click on it, and you can see two options – Edit and Delete.

How to Edit a YouTube Comment

“Edit” option is used to edit a YouTube comment. Let’s see it in detail.

Click on “Edit” option.

Now, you’ll be taken to the comment which is ready to edit.

Edit the comment as per your liking and then click on “Save.”

Keep in mind that you can see (edited) label beside every edited comment.

Edited YouTube comment

“Delete” option is used to delete a comment.

Also, note that the YouTube app (Android and iPhone) doesn’t have the option to view comment history.

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