How to Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube

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Turn Off YouTube Autoplay

YouTube’s Autoplay, a feature that is turned on by default, automatically plays suggested video when your current video is finished.

If you don’t like this feature, you can disable it and here’s how:


Besides the video you’re playing, find the “Up next” section.

Besides that, you can see “Autoplay” and a toggle. Hit the toggle.

Disabled Autoplay

That’s it. All done.

Here’s an alternative way to do the above task: In the video player, hit the “Gear” icon and then hit the “Autoplay” in the pop-up.

Turned off Autoplay


In the YouTube app, beneath the video you’re playing, you can see “Up next.” 

Besides that, you can see “Autoplay” and a toggle. Hit the toggle.

Alternatively, you can do the above task using these steps too:

Tap Profile icon (Beside “Search” icon) > Settings > Autoplay. Hit the “Autoplay next video” option.

Turned off Autoplay next video

Note: When you clear the YouTube app’s data or clear cookies of the YouTube web version, autoplay will be turned on. Also, remember that you can turn on autoplay by using the above steps. Until then, it remains disabled.

Turn Off Autoplay on YouTube Home

In the YouTube app, by default, videos in the “Home” will be automatically played without sound.

If you want to turn it off, then follow the below steps:

Tap Profile Picture at the top > Settings > Autoplay > Autoplay on Home.

In the pop-up, you can see three options – Always on (Turn on autoplay, and this one is the default option), WiFi only (Turn on autoplay only if you’re on WiFi connection), Off (Turn off autoplay).

Autoplay on Home popup

Select “Off.” That’s it. All done.

If you want to revert, follow the above steps and instead of choosing “Off,” select “Always on.”

Also note that if you clear the YouTube app’s data, then the “Autoplay on Home” will be set as “WiFi only.”