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Who Can Contribute Article to Us?

We don’t have any conditions regarding contributors. If you are an individual who wants to share the knowledge with our readers, we welcome you to contribute your work to us.

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What Kind of Articles Can You Contribute to Us?

I hereby mention some tips that will help you to decide what kind of articles you can contribute to us.

We are accepting the guest posts from all the following categories:

  • Android
  • Windows
  • Blogger
  • WordPress

We accept the Evergreen topics (most of the times). Here are the some of the awesome contributions from our Guest post authors:

Please do a search on our blog before submitting your guest post idea to us. If you have a topic and not sure about whether we accept or not, feel free to send your topic to us and we will tell you.

What Do We Expect From Your Guest Post?

In Technology Hint, we always publish the quality posts and we expect the same from our guest post authors. Here are the things, we always expect:

  • Create articles for Technology Hint readers and not for search engines.
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  • Please do not include any affiliate links in the post.
  • Feel free to link to our posts on Technology Hint if relevant.

Things to Remember Before Submitting Guest Post


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How Can You Submit the Guest Post to Us?

Please contact me at here. Introduce yourself and let me know about your guest post idea (along with your previous guest posts links (if any)). I’ll get back to you ASAP and we will discuss it further.

We have some guidelines in giving links. So, while sending your guest post idea to us, please mention the website for which you want the dofollow link from us.