How to Add and Delete WordPress Category (and More)

“Category” is one of the ways to organize your WordPress posts into different sections.

You can group all your posts about a single topic under one category. It provides an excellent user experience to the readers of your site.

Let’s take our blog as an example. We have written posts about “WordPress” which we grouped under “WordPress” category. Likewise, you can create categories as per the topics you write on your blog.

Uncategorized Category

Every post should be under a category on WordPress.

By default, WordPress has a single category called “Uncategorized” which is the default category.

Default category Uncategorized

However, you can create as many categories as per your need and I’ve talked about it later in this article.

You can select category while creating the post. If you do not choose the category while creating the post, then the post will be under the default category (Uncategorized).

If you do not want Uncategorized category, then you can do any of the two things about it:

You can rename the Uncategorized category to something you want.

You can create a new category, make it default, and delete the Uncategorized category.​​​​

Here, I talk about both these ways, and you can choose a method which is convenient for you.

Rename Uncategorized Category


Go to Posts > Categories.

Hover the mouse over the “Uncategorized” category, and you can see few options such as – Edit, Quick Edit, and View.

Click on “Quick Edit.”

Uncategorized is shown after clicking Quick Edit option

Now, provide a Name and Slug for the category as per your wish.

Click on “Update Category” button.

Renaming category using Quick Edit option

That’s it. The Uncategorized category is renamed to “WordPress.”

Also, the posts that were under “Uncategorized” category are now under “WordPress” category. Keep in mind that the “WordPress” is the default category now.

Alternate Way

If you want to choose “Parent Category” and provide “Description,” then you need to follow steps below to rename a category:

Click “Edit” under the category you want to rename, and it will take you to the “Edit Category” page.

Edit Category screen where you can rename category

Provide all the fields as per your need and then hit “Update” button.


If you have changed “Slug” of the category, make sure to check out the “Redirection” section in this post.

You can use above methods to rename any category you want.

Create a New Category, Make it Default and Delete Uncategorized Category

Steps to Create a New Category in WordPress

Go to Posts > Categories.

On the left side, you can see “Add New Category” section.

Provide the Name and Slug for the category. The Name is a mandatory field and the Slug is an optional one. If you leave the Slug as empty, then the WordPress will fill it with the content of the “Name” field.

The next option is “Parent Category” (optional).

If you are creating a subcategory, then you need to choose a category which will be the parent category for that subcategory. If you are creating a category, then you need to choose “None (default).” In this instance, I am building a category, so I am leaving it as “None.”

Now, describe the category (optional).

Adding a new category

Click “Add New Category” button.

That’s it. All done. A new category is created successfully. However, it is still not the default category.

Why do we need to create a category as default to delete the Uncategorized category?

We cannot delete default category in WordPress. Since the Uncategorized is the default one, we cannot remove it.

So, we need to make another category as default so that we can have the option to remove the Uncategorized category.

Steps to Make a Category as Default in WordPress

Go to Settings > Writing.

Now, you can see “Default Post Category.”

Default post category option

Open the drop-down list and select the category you want.

Setting up a category as default post category

Click “Save Changes” button at the bottom.

Note: The above are the steps to set any category as default in WordPress.

Delete Uncategorized Category

Go to Posts > Categories.

Hover the mouse over “Uncategorized” category.

Now, you can see the “Delete” link. Click on it.

Delete link beneath Uncategorized category

Click “OK” in the confirmation popup.


The above are the steps to delete any category in WordPress.

Also, note that the posts within the deleted category will not be removed. The posts within the deleted category will be moved to the default category.

Make sure to check out the “Redirection” section below.


If you have changed “Slug” of a category or deleted a category, then that old category URL will show a 404 error.

I have already covered about redirection in another post. So, I suggest you to check out that post (Go to “Redirection and Final Thoughts” section).

Additional Hint

You can select more than one category for a post.

Steps to Create a Subcategory in WordPress

You need to choose a “Parent Category” to create a subcategory. The remaining steps are same as creating a category.

Take a look at the following screenshot:

Adding a new subcategory

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