How to Open Windows Security App

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Open Windows Security

Here, we will see the diverse ways to open Windows Security in Windows 10. Let us see what they are.

Method #1

Click on the Start menu. In the “W” section, you can see “Windows Security.” Hit it.

Method #2

Open Run. Type windowsdefender: and then press the “Enter” key. You can use the above command in the address toolbar, the address bar of File Explorer, and Task Manager.

Or you can use the start windowsdefender: command in the following programs:

  • Command Prompt
  • PowerShell

Method #3

In the notification area, you can see the “Windows Security notification icon.” Hit it.

Note: If you do not see the icon there, then it is in the “Show hidden icons.” Hit “Up arrow” in the notification area and you can see the icon now.

Method #4

Open Settings. Hit “Update & Security.” Hit “Windows Security” in the left sidebar. Click on the “Open Windows Security” button.

Method #5

Open Start menu. Type security and you can see the Windows Security app in the search results. Hit it.

Create a Windows Security Shortcut

In this post, we will see the steps to create a Windows Security shortcut in the Windows 10 desktop. But remember that the steps are the same for creating a shortcut on File Explorer. Let us begin.

Right-click on your desktop’s blank area. Hover your mouse over “New.” Hit “Shortcut.”

In the “Create Shortcut” pop-up, type windowsdefender:. Hit the “Next” button.

Now, provide the name for the shortcut as per your liking if you don’t like the suggested name. Click on the “Finish” button.

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Reset Windows Security

Open Start menu. Type security and you can see the Windows Security app. Right-click on it and hit the “App settings” option.

Now, find the “Reset” button. Hit it. Click on the “Reset” button in the confirmation pop-up.