How to Mute WhatsApp Chat on Android

You can mute a chat (contact or group) on WhatsApp.

When you mute a chat, then that chat will not play a notification sound, vibrate and show the notification when it receives a message.

Keep in mind that the muted chat will remain the same until you unmute it or the chosen duration expires.

With that said, let's see how to mute a WhatsApp chat on Android.

Mute WhatsApp Chat

  • angle-right
    Open WhatsApp.
  • angle-right
    Long press the chat(s) you want to mute.
  • angle-right
    At the top, besides the "Archive" icon, you can see the "Mute" icon. Hit it.
Mute icon
  • angle-right
    In the popup, choose the duration you prefer. Select "Show notifications," if you want the notifications to be shown when you receive a message for these chat(s).
  • angle-right
    Hit "OK."
Selected 1 week option

That's all. The chat(s) you've chosen are muted successfully.

In the "Chats" screen, you can see the "Mute" symbol in the muted chat. It is a reminder that the conversation is muted.

Mute symbol

If you want to unmute WhatsApp chat(s), then here are the steps:

  • angle-double-right
    Long press the muted conversation(s) you want to unmute.
  • angle-double-right
    Hit "Unmute" icon at the top.
Unmute icon

That's it. The chat(s) you've selected are unmuted successfully.

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How to Mute WhatsApp Chat on Android

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