How to Change WhatsApp Language on Android and iPhone?

Here, we’ll see the steps to change WhatsApp language on Android and iPhone.

Let’s get started.


Launch WhatsApp for Android.

Hit three vertical dots at the top.

In the menu, tap Settings which you can find beneath Starred messages.

Tap Chats which you can find between Account and Notifications.

Chats option

Hit App Language which you can find between Font size and Wallpaper.

In the pop-up, choose the language you prefer.

Languages as options


Not all countries have this option. So, if you don’t view it, then you need to change the language of your Android device to change the language of WhatsApp.


Open Settings.

Hit General which you can find above Control Centre.

Tap Language & Region which you can find between Fonts and Dictionary.

Hit iPhone Language at the top.

Choose the language you prefer.

Tap Change to (the language you choose) in the pop-up.

That’s it.