How to Make WhatsApp Font Bold, Italic and Strikethrough

WhatsApp is a popular instant messaging app. In the older version of the WhatsApp, there is no option for text formatting. From its version 2.12.535, you can add text formatting in your chats.

You can check it out the version of your WhatsApp by going to settings > about and help > about.

If you have the older version, just visit this link and update your WhatsApp to the latest version. The text formatting [bold, italics, strikethrough] will make your conversation fun and interactive.

To do the text formatting, you need to add specific symbols at the beginning and end of the text. Let’s get started.

Make WhatsApp Font Bold, Italic, and Strikethrough

Make WhatsApp Font Bold

To add bold text in your conversation, you need to add * at the beginning and end of the text. It’ll convert the text to bold. For instance, if you want to send “Hi” in bold, you need to type like this

Whatsapp font bold

That’s it. You can see that the text is converted to bold before sending.

Make WhatsApp Font Italic

For italic text, add _ at the beginning and end of the word.


The text that is between the underscore will be converted to italic.

Make WhatsApp Font Strikethrough

If you want to send strikethrough text, you need to add ~ at the beginning and end of the word.


whatsapp font bold italic strikethrough

Additional Hint:

You can use the above options together. For instance, to make bold italicized text


Now, you can see the bold italicized text in your WhatsApp. Besides, you can use all the three options at the same time.

whatsapp font text formatting

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