How to Back Up WhatsApp Chats (Android)

In this post, we’ll see the steps to back up WhatsApp chats. In this instance, I am using WhatsApp for Android. Let us begin.

Back Up WhatsApp Chats Manually to Local Storage

By default, WhatsApp automatically takes back up daily at 2.00 AM and store it on your phones’ internal storage. If you want to take a local back up manually, then follow the below steps:

Open WhatsApp. Tap three vertical dots at the top. In the menu, tap Settings option which you can find beneath the Starred messages option.

Hit on Chats option.

Chats option

Hit the Chat backup option.

Chat backup option

Tap the Back Up button, which you can find in the Last Backup section.

Chat backup screen

Note: if you’ve configured WhatsApp’s Google Drive back up (which is the next section), then the above steps will also back up conversations and media to Google Drive.

Back Up WhatsApp Chats and Media to Google Drive

  1. Open WhatsApp.
  1. Tap three vertical dots at the top.
  1. On the menu, tap the Settings option.
  1. Hit on Chats > Chat backup.
  1. In the Google Drive settings section, you can see the following options:
  • Back up to Google Drive – here, you can choose the backup frequency (available options: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly) or pick Never to disable this feature or select Only when I tap “Back up” option if you want to back up chats and media to Google Drive only when you press the Back Up button in the Last Backup section.
  • Google Account – choose the Google account in which you want to store the backup.
  • Back up over – this one lets you choose the internet connection to take back up.
  • Include videos – turning this on will back up videos to Google Drive.
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