How to Remove Watch Next on Amazon Prime Video

When you open Prime Video (30-day trial) on your PC and Android devices, you can see “Watch Next TV & Movies” section in the “Home.”

This section shows TV shows and movies which are the recommendations, the ones from your Watchlist, the ones you have finished watching and the ones that you have started watching but not finished.

If you want to remove an item from OR entire Watch Next, then here are the steps (keep in mind that the changes you made will be applied to your account. For instance: if you remove an item on Android, then you can see the changes on PC too):


​Open Prime Video website. Sign in if not already.

Click on “Edit” beside the “Watch Next TV and Movies” section.

Now, you can see “Cross” icon in the center of each item. Click on it to remove the item and do the same for all the items you want to delete.

Cross icon

​Once you removed the items you want from the “Watch Next TV and Movies” section, click on “Done.”

Done option


​Open Amazon Prime Video app.

Long press the item that you want to remove from “Watch Next TV and Movies” section.

Now, you can see “Remove From List” option. Tap on it.

Remove From List option

That is all, and the item is removed. You can repeat the above steps for all the items you want to delete.

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