How to Wake up Android Without Power Button

Typically, we wake up Android device using the power button.

But, if your Android device power button is broken, then the typical way is not possible and you need to try some other methods to wake your device up.

In this post, we will see the different ways to wake your device without power button. Let’s get started.

Wake up Android Device Without Power Button

There are two scenarios here:

Your device is in switched-off condition and the power button is broken

Your device is in turned on condition and the power button is broken

Let’s see the ways to handle each of the scenarios in detail.

If you are in the first condition, then here is a method for you to power it on:

Connect the mobile to the charger or connect the phone to the PC via USB. This will work only on some devices.

If the above one does not work for you, then take your device to the service center; Because there are no other ways to fix that.

If you are in the second scenario, then here are some methods for you to try:

Ask someone to call you or make a call to your device from your other device.

Plug the device into the charger.

Plug the device to the computer via USB.

Now your device should be in the wake-up condition.

But here is the catch. You can’t do the above methods every time to wake up your device.

So, we are gonna see some other methods which make this task easier. Pick one which is convenient for you. Let’s check it out.

Method #1

Power Button to Volume Button

This app allows you to use your volume button to wake up your device.


Install and open the app.

Enable the Boot and Screen Off options, activate the device administrator and restart your device to enable the app.

If you have a rooted Android device, then download and use the below app to reboot:

I suggest you to download this app or the Mobileuncle Tools (which is not available in the Google Play Store. But, it is still available in other stores).

After reboot, you can see the app’s notification in the Notification bar.​

If you have a non-rooted Android device, then follow the below steps:

After you’ve activated device administrator, Tap Enable/Disable Volume option at the top.

Now, you can see the notification in the Notification bar.


Tap on the app’s notification to turn off the screen; To turn on the screen, simply use any volume buttons and the device screen will get turned on.

Here is the important things to note:

This app may drain your battery especially if you are using it on the newer Android versions.

I tried this app on JB (Jelly Bean) and MM (MarshMallow); In JB, it works flawlessly. But, the wake-up part doesn’t work on MM.

If you want to uninstall this app, then here are the steps to follow:

Go to Settings > Security > Device administrators > uncheck the Volume Power app > tap Deactivate button > Ok in the confirmation message.

Now you can uninstall the app as usual.


Double Tap To Screen On and Off

Some devices have the double tap feature as an inbuilt option:

If your device is not a one among them, then you can install this app.


Open the app.

Enable “DoubleTap to Lock Enable”. Activate device administrator.

Enable both “Double tap to Screen Off” and “Double tap to Screen On”.

Tap twice to turn on the screen.

By default, the app is configured to do the screen off at the triple tap to avoid accidental taps. If you want, you can change the tap count to 2 on “Number of taps to Screen Off” option.

Configure the other options as per your need. And, note that this app may drain your battery quickly;

For uninstalling this app, Tap “Uninstall this app” option and the app will take care of the rest.

Method #3


This app is using the Proximity sensor of your device. The Proximity sensor is located beside the phone’s ear piece.

This app turn on the screen when you wave your hand over the device. Also, you can turn off the device screen by covering the proximity sensor for one second (You can change the amount of time within the app).


Open the app.

Enable the app and it will enable both the Wave mode and Pocket mode by default.

Enable the “Lock screen” and provide device administrator permission.

You can check it out other options to customize the app as per your need. Here are the settings I prefer:


To uninstall this app, tap “Uninstall WaveUp” button and the app will do the rest.

There are some things to remember:

Don’t get your device switched off for any reason.

The apps discussed here may consume more battery power.

All the methods discussed above works. But, there is no second thought that they are just the temporary fix.

It’s always good to have your device in the perfect condition. So, I suggest you to take your device to the service center and get it fixed as soon as possible.

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