How to Create User Profiles on Android (and More)

In this post you will see:

  • What is guest mode and user profile?
  • How to switch to guest mode on Android
  • How to create, switch and delete user profiles on Android

Here, I’m using Android 10. Let’s start.

What is guest mode and user profile on Android?

By default, your device is in your profile. Your profile is an administrator profile since you own the device. There are two options available through the profile:

  1. Guest

“Guest” is a profile, and this functionality was introduced in Lollipop. Switching to it, you will see a profile with the fresh installation of Android.

Whenever you need to give your device to someone for a while, you can switch your profile to the guest profile. That’s why they can’t see your apps, data and settings.

Once they’ve used your device, you can retrieve it and then switch to your profile. All apps and data stored in the guest profile will be automatically removed.

  1. Add user

This feature was introduced in Lollipop. You can use it to add multiple user profiles to your Android device.

Let’s say you want to share your Android device with a household member. You can use this option to create an account for that person.

Unlike Guest Mode, when you switch back to your profile from another user account (let us call that account A), all apps, data and settings are stored on the A account.

Okay, now you know all the options about the profile. By default, both of the above options are enabled. If you want, you can disable them, and here’s how:

Launch the Settings app, click System > Advanced > Multiple users. Disable the switch at the top.

Note: If you need these options, you can activate them by following the steps above. But enable instead of disabling.

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How to switch to guest mode on Android

Open Settings, select System > Advanced > Multiple users, click “Guest.”

Inside the guest mode

Here’s a detailed look at what others can and can’t see in guest mode:

  • They can see the fresh installation of Android. They’ll see the pre-installed apps and settings that come with the new Android device.
  • They can’t see your apps, data, or settings.
  • They can’t use the default Messages app.
  • Your call logs and contacts are not visible to them.
  • By default, they can only make emergency calls. If you want to allow the user of the guest profile to call, you can do so, and I discussed this later in this article.
  • However, they can take calls and the call is not saved in the call list.
  • They won’t be able to see your Google account, but they can add a Google account.

How to get out of guest mode on Android

You can do this in two ways, and here they are:

Method #1

Swipe down twice and you will be able to find the “Account” icon. Press it. Tap “Remove guest.” Tap “Remove” in the confirmation popup.

Method #2

Open Settings, tap System > Advanced > Multiple users, tap “Remove guest.” and click “Remove” in the confirmation popup.


  • Go to the Settings app, tap System > Advanced > Multiple users, tap the “Gear” icon next to “Guest” and configure the only settings (Turn on phone calls) as you wish.
  • If a guest user tries to switch to another profile, they’ll be prompted with the security method of that profile (if there is any).
  • Ensure that you have protected your profile with a security method such as pin, pattern or password. Otherwise, others will be able to access your profile on your device.
  • Once you leave guest mode, your device will be on a profile that is active before guest mode is activated.
  • Except for the administrator profile, no other users have the “Guest” option.
  • You cannot change the name or image of the guest profile.

Add, switch and delete user profiles on Android

How to add users to Android

Open Settings. Click System > Advanced > Multiple users. Tap “Add user.” Go through the pop-up and click the “OK” button. Tap “Set Up Now” to instantly set up the profile.

You can set up this profile yourself or leave it to the profile owner. Whether it’s you or them, follow these steps to set up a new user profile.

Slide the screen up. Tap the “Continue” button. You can now set up a Google account or skip it. The latter is my choice here.

On the Google Services screen, configure it if you want, and then press the Accept button. You will now be on the screen where you can set up the fingerprint. Skipping it here.

Here you will be prompted to set up the screen lock. Skipping it here. On the Anything else screen, you can set up the one you prefer or skip it. Doing the latter.

That’s all.

How to switch users on Android

Swipe down twice and you will find the “Account” icon. Press it. Now press your profile name.

How to delete users on Android

Open Settings and press System > Advanced > Multiple users.

Tap the “Gear” icon next to the profile you want to remove. Click “Delete user.” Tap “Delete” in the confirmation popup.

Remember, when you remove a user, everything associated with that user will be removed.


  • New profiles are not allowed to make calls or send text messages by default. To activate them, proceed as follows: Open Settings, click System > Advanced > Multiple users, tap the “Gear” icon next to the profile name you want > enable switch beside Turn on phone calls & SMS.
  • Remember that only the administrator of the device can add user profiles to the phone.
  • Administrator can remove any profile.
  • Remember that each user can remove their profile themselves by opening Settings, clicking System > Advanced > Multiple users, tapping the three vertical dots at the top right > Delete “profile name” from this device option, then clicking “Delete” in the confirmation popup.
  • You can add as many users as you like. However, adding more users to your device can negatively affect its performance and storage space.
  • If you want to add a user from the lock screen in the administrator profile, open Settings, click System > Advanced > Multiple users. Enable the button next to “Add users from lock screen.”

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