How to Add, Switch and Delete User Profiles on Android Phone

Android phones (Lollipop and above) has inbuilt option to add multiple user profiles.

This feature is useful especially when you are in a situation where you need to share your phone with someone (for instance – your household member) for a more extended period (for example – one week, month or permanently).

This feature creates a separate profile for them, and they can see a fresh install of Android in which they can install apps, change settings and work on it as per their liking. However, it will not affect your profile in any way.

In a nutshell, they have their workspace on your Android device, and you have your own. None of you can see other users apps, data, and settings.

Sounds good? Well, then let’s check it out the steps to add a user profile on Android.

Add User Profile on Android


Go to Settings app > Users.

Tap “+ Add user.”

+ Add user option in Users

Make sure to read the confirmation popup message and then tap “OK.”

Add new user popup

In the next popup, you can choose “Set Up Now” to set up the profile right away or “Not Now.”

Set up user now popup

In this instance, I am selecting “Set Up Now.” You can set up the profile by yourself or let the “profile owner” to do this by themselves.

Whether it is you or them, the following are the steps to set up a new user profile.

Unlock the screen.

Tap “Continue.”

You can set up Google account or skip it (in this instance, skipping is my choice) by tapping “Skip” option at the bottom. Tap “Skip” on the confirmation message.

Now, provide the name of profile owner (keep in mind that the profile owner can change their profile name and picture at any time).

Next, the “Google services” screen. Configure it as per your wish.

In the “Anything else?” screen, you can see additional options which you can set if you wish. In this instance, I chose “Set up later” option.

That is all. Now, you can see a fresh install of Android.

Alternative Way

Swipe down Notification Bar and then tap “Down arrow.”

Tap “User” icon (besides “Gear” icon) at the top.

Now, you can see three icons – Your profile (Administrator profile), Add guest, and Add user.

Tap “Add user” icon.

Add user icon

Tap “OK” on the confirmation popup, and you can see that your device will be switching to new user’s profile.

Add new user popup when choosing Add user icon

Follow the above steps to continue the setup by yourself or let the profile owner do that by themselves.

Steps to Switch Between User profiles

Swipe down Notification Bar, tap “Down arrow” and then “User” icon.

Tap your profile name, and that is all.

Remove User Profile from Android

Go to Settings > Users.

Tap the “Gear” icon beside the profile name you want to remove.

Tap “Remove user.”

Remove user option

Tap “Delete” in the confirmation popup.

Remember when you remove a user, then all the things associated with that user will get deleted.

Here are some other important things to note:

By default, the new profile is not allowed to make calls and send SMS. If you want to allow them, then go to Settings > Users > tap “Gear” icon beside profile name you want > enable switch beside “Turn on phone calls & SMS.”

Remember, only administrator (owner of the device) can add user profiles to the phone.

The Administrator can remove any profile.

However, keep in mind that any user can delete their profile by themselves. All they need to do is going to Settings > Users > tapping Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top > Delete profile name from this device option > Delete option in confirmation popup.

By default, a new user profile does not have any security method, and anyone can switch to it and access it. So make sure to add security method to the user profile to prevent others from accessing it.

Except for Administrator profile, no other users have the “Guest” option.

You can add as many users as you want. However, keep in mind that adding many users to your Android device may affect the performance and storage negatively.

This feature is not available on all the Android devices.

If you want to add a user from the lock screen on Administrator profile, then go to Settings > Users > tap switch beside “Add users.”

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