How to Use Android as Mouse and Keyboard for PC

You can turn your android phone into mouse and keyboard with the help of the android apps. In this post, we will see two apps which make this easier.

I tried both the apps and both of them works well. Choose the one you wish and try it out. Let’s get started.

Use Android as Mouse and Keyboard

Method #1

Remote Mouse


Remote mouse app

Remote mouse server for windows

Both the mouse server and app should be connected to the same WiFi network.

You can make your laptop as a WiFi hotspot and connect your android with that hotspot. Here is the step by step guide to do this task.


Install both the requirements.

Open the server and then app.

Click on the computer name in the app to connect android with the computer.

Now, you can see the touch pad and here are the gestures you can use:

Tap for left click

Two fingers tap for right click

Two finger scroll for scroll up, down, left or right

Two finger pinch is zoom in or out (for mac only)

Double click and drag for move a window in PC


The keyboard icon will open the android keyboard. You can see the letters you are typing on both the android and PC. The highlight here is that you don’t have to look into the PC while typing to ensure spelling.

remote mouse keyboard

When you rotate android to landscape mode, you can see the function keyboard (paid feature) which supports Windows and Ctrl keys.

Media Remote [Paid Feature]

You can use this option to control Windows media player, Windows photo viewer and powerpoint on Windows.

Also, you can control the volume of the Windows by using the android volume buttons.

Under “Windows” icon, you can see the taskbar pinned applications along with the applications you have opened. Touch the application icon to open it on the Windows.

Under “Shutdown”, you can see the shutdown, restart, sleep and log off options. Check it out the app settings where you can configure settings such as tracking speed.

Method #2

Remote Link


Remote link app

ASUS Remote link server on your Windows PC (You can get the download link within the app)

This app offers two methods of connection: WiFi and Bluetooth. In this instance, I’m trying the Bluetooth method.


Install both requirements.

Open the remote link server on the system.

Open the app and choose Bluetooth.

Click on “Search device” button. It will enable Bluetooth (if not already) and list your device.

Click on your device name and pair the devices.

Hit back button and you can see this screen.

remote link touchpad

Below the touchpad area, you can see two buttons:

L – represents the left mouse click

R – represents the right mouse click

The zooming option is used to zoom your PC display.

Click on “Keyboard” icon at the right corner of the screen. Type using the android keyboard and press the blue send button to send the text to the PC.


It contains options to control the presentation.

Media Player

You can control the Windows media player with the options available. You can play, pause, change the songs, and control the volume of the player from the android.

remote link media player


You can find the options to log off, sleep, hibernate, restart and shutdown PC.


I’ve experienced disconnection many times in Bluetooth connection method. But in the WiFi connection method, I’ve not faced any disconnection.

My suggestion is to try the WiFi method. There is an additional requirement for WiFi connection (i.e) both the devices should be on the same network.

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