How to Use Android Phone as Webcam

We often need the webcam to chat with family, friends or others.

With the help of software’s and apps, you can convert your android as webcam and use it while chatting. You can give a try to this simple method which is really useful.

Who can get benefit from this method?

Webcams are integrated into the latest model computers. If you are using older devices, they probably don’t have it and you need to purchase the external webcam for chatting. From now on, you won’t need to.

If your device has the webcam which is a faulty one or bad quality, then this is a better option to make a chat with high quality.

In this post, we are going to see different apps which help us to turn android as a wireless webcam.

You can use any one of the following app which is convenient for you. Let’s get started.

Note: All the apps I’ve used in this post have a free version and paid version. I’m using the free version of all the apps in this post.

Use Android as Webcam

Method #1


IP webcam app

IP camera adapter for windows

Both the devices need to be connected in the same Wi-Fi.

If you don’t have the Wi-Fi connection, then make your PC as Wi-Fi hotspot and connect your android phone to that hotspot.

You can get the complete information over here.

Mhotspot – turn your laptop into Wi-Fi hotspot

Also, make sure that your android device is having sufficient charge. Because the screen is on always while using it as the webcam. So, you may face a quick battery draining on android.


Install the IP webcam on android.

Install the IP camera adapter on windows.

Open the app and configure the settings as per your need.

I recommend you to use these settings for sure to get the most out of the app.

Under video preference, configure the video resolution, quality, and video orientation settings.

Under the power management, configure the display and camera settings as per your need.

Under local broadcasting, set the login credentials and port.

I assume that you’ve configured the settings, let’s move ahead to the next step.

Click start server option in the app (scroll down to the bottom and you can find it under service control).

Now, you can see the IP address at the bottom of the screen along with the port number.

Head over to the Firefox or chrome browser on your PC.

Open the IP address (including port number) in the browser. It will prompt for username and password.

For the video render, choose the browser option. Now, the video gets loaded in the browser.

Open the IP camera adapter in windows.

Fill in the all the information in the properties. For the video size option, click on the auto detect.

Click on apply button.

That’s it. You can use your android phone as a webcam for PC.

Method #2

In this method, we are going to use an android app called droidcam. This app offers a lot of connection options. Here, we are going to see the steps to use android as webcam via Wi-Fi.

It is important to note that it doesn’t support themetro version of Skype. However, it supports the Skype forwindows. Let’s check it out.


Droidcam app

Droidcam client in your PC

Make sure android and computer connected to the same wifi network

Let’s jump into the steps to makeandroid as a wireless webcam.


Install droidcam app in android and droidcam client in PC.

Open the droidcam app.

You can see the Wi-Fi IP address at the top.

Open the droidcam client on PC.

Click on the Wi-Fi button (first one) and provide the IP address which is shown in the app.

Click on the start button.

You are done. Now, you can use your android device as a PC webcam.

You can use the stop button to disconnect. If you wish, you can also try it out alternate methods such as USB.

Method #3

Here, in our last method, we are going to use WO Webcam app and its desktop client to turn android as webcam.

This app supports different methods of connection.




In this instance, I’m using Wi-Fi connection method.


WO Webcam lite app. The lite version has limitations such as low resolution only.

WO Webcam client for PC

Both the device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.


Install the prerequisites on both the devices.

Open the WO Webcam app.

Navigate to settings > transport.

Choose the Wi-Fi option. Enable the option “keep screen on during streaming”.

​Hit back button in android. Now, the app shows a Wi-Fi address.

Click on the start button.

Open WO Webcam client.

Go to connection > connect.

Now, choose the Wi-Fi option and type the Wi-Fi address shown in the app.

Both the devices are connected. And, you are done.

Also, check it out the flip and rotate settings in client program to customize it as per your need. You can now use your android as webcam in the chatting program you want. Also, you can use the different connection method as per your convenience.

Hint: In your video chatting program (For instance: Skype), choose the video option as the method you are using (For instance: WO Webcam).

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