How to Use Android as Microphone on PC

We do need microphones in many situations such as chatting, voice recognition, and especially at audio recordings.

But, there may be chances that your microphone may not work great or you may not have it while you need. So, here we come with the alternate solution which will come in handy.

You can use your android phone as a wireless microphone for PC. You most probably have the android all the time. So, using android as microphone will surely help you to chat or record easily with crystal clear audio.

In this post, we are going to see 2 apps that help us to use android as a microphone. Let’s get started.

Use Android as Microphone

Method #1


WO Mic app comes with a free version and pro version. The free version has ads. The pro version doesn’t have ads and has better audio quality. Download the one as per your need from the below download links.

Download free version

Download Pro version

WO Mic software and its drivers for PC


First, install all the prerequisites mentioned above. We can connect the devices via 3 options. Let’s check it out the steps and options in detail.


If you want to connect via Bluetooth, follow these steps

Switch on Bluetooth in android and PC.

Connect (pair) both the devices.

In app, Navigate to settings > transport

Select Bluetooth option. Choose the audio source you want.

Now, press back button and click on the start option to start the WO mic.

Launch the desktop client.

Navigate to connection menu. Click on the connect option.

Select the Bluetooth option. You can see that your device selected automatically. If it does not appear in the list, then check if they are paired correctly.

That’s it. Press the OK button. Your android phone is now turned as a microphone.


To test it out, open desktop client.

Click on the play in speaker option (under options) and try it out.


Before proceeding with the steps, make sure you’ve enabled USB debugging in your android. Let’s check it out the steps.

Launch the WO Mic app.

Navigate to settings > transport

Now choose the USB connection method.

The default audio source is the mic. If you want to choose any other options, you can select it under the audio source available under audio control.

Now, tap the start button.

Connect the devices (android and PC) via USB cable.

Open the WO Mic client on the PC.

Click on connect option (under the connection menu).

Choose the same transport option. In our case, select USB option.

Now, you can use the android as windows PC microphone.


If you want to connect via Wi-Fi, follow these steps

Connect the android with Wi-Fi.

Now, open the app.

Navigate to settings > transport

Select Wi-Fi option.

Click on the start button on WO Mic.

Open desktop client and navigate to connection > connect.

Select Wi-Fi option.

Type the address you see above the microphone icon in the app.

That’s it. Your android phone is now ready to act as a microphone.

Method #2


Microphone app

A PC with microphone input

Aux cable (grab one here if you need)

I assume that you have all the requirements and let’s move ahead to the steps.


Download and install the microphone app.

Connect the aux cable with microphone input of PC and android.

I recommend you to keep the low volume first. Now, open the app in android.

That’s it. You are done successfully; Tap the microphone icon in the app and use android as microphone now.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means I’ll receive commission (at no additional cost to you) when you purchase the product via my links. Thanks for your support.

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