How to Use USB Tethering on Android

USB tethering is used to share the mobile’s data connection with other devices via USB.

It offers the fastest speed when compared with other tethering methods (Bluetooth tethering and WiFi tethering).

With that said, let’s see the steps.


  1. Connect your phone (in this instance, I’m using Android Pie) with the PC (in this instance, I’m using Windows 10 laptop) using the USB cable.

  2. Expand and tap the “Android system” notification, and you can see this screen:
    USB preferences screen

  3. Choose “USB tethering.”
    Selected USB tethering option

That’s it. Now, you can access the internet on your PC.

If you want to stop USB tethering, expand and tap the “Android system” notification and then choose “No data transfer.”

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