How to Make an Unlisted YouTube Video

Anyone who has an unlisted video’s link can see and share it.

Let’s say you created an unlisted video, and you share its link with A. A shared link with B and C. Now, you, A, B, and C can view the unlisted video.

I hope you got my point.

Let’s see the difference between unlisted and private.

Unlisted vs. Private

Anyone who has a link to an unlisted video can see it. Only the people allowed by the video uploader can see the private video and no one else.

Private videos don’t have comments. But unlisted videos have comments.

But both can’t be shown in:

  • Subscriber feed
  • Your channel
  • Search results (the unlisted video doesn’t show in search results until anyone adds it to the public playlist)
  • Recommendations and related videos

With that said, let’s see the steps to make an unlisted video on YouTube (PC) and the YouTube app (Android and iPhone).

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How to Make an Unlisted YouTube Video


By default, all the videos uploaded to YouTube are public. However, you can make the video unlisted while uploading it to YouTube.

Below are the steps to set up “Unlisted” visibility for a new video.

In the video upload screen, navigate to the “Visibility” tab.

Select “Unlisted.”

Hit “Save.”

That’s all. Your video is an unlisted video.

You can share the video link with anyone you want. Also, keep in mind that you can embed unlisted videos.

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If you want all your future videos to be unlisted, then follow the steps below:

Go to YouTube Studio.

Hit “Settings” in the left sidebar.

In the pop-up, hit “Upload defaults.”

In the “Basic info” tab, open “Visibility” drop-down list.

Select “Unlisted.”

Hit “Save.”

That’s all. All your future videos will be unlisted videos.

For Existing YouTube Videos 

Below are the steps to change the visibility of the existing video(s) to unlisted.

Go to YouTube Studio. 

Hit “Videos” in the left sidebar. 

Choose the video(s) you want. 

Note: If you want to make all YouTube videos unlisted, then choose the first checkbox at the top. Now you can see the “Select all” link. Click on it and all will be selected. Let’s go ahead with the next steps. 

Hit “Edit.” 

Hit “Visibility.” 

Open the drop-down list and select “Unlisted.” 

Hit “Update Videos” button. 

Select the checkbox in the pop-up. Click on “Update Videos.” 

Android or iPhone 

Follow the steps below to change the existing videos visibility to unlisted. 

Open the YouTube app.

Hit “Library” at the bottom. Hit “Your videos.”

Tap the three vertical dots beside the video you prefer.

Hit “Edit.”

Tap the one that is beneath the description.

You will see these options: Public, Unlisted, Private, and Scheduled.

Tap “Unlisted.”

Hit “Save” at the top.

Note: There is no option to do this task for multiple or all videos at once.