How to Turn On Twitter Dark Mode

In this post, we’ll see how to turn on Twitter dark mode which is disabled by default. Let’s get started.

Activate Dark Mode in Twitter Web Version

Go to Twitter, Sign into your account.

Now, hit the “Profile picture” at the top which you can find between “Search Box” and “Tweet” button.

Beneath “Log out @username,” you can see “Dark mode” option. Click on it.

Dark mode option on Twitter

That’s all. All done.

If you wish to deactivate dark mode, then you need to follow above steps.


The dark mode is browser specific. It means that it needs to be enabled for each browser separately.

Also, note that dark mode remains turned on until you turn it off or clear cookies of Twitter. In private browsing mode, it’ll stay turned on until you close the private window.

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Enable Dark Mode in Twitter for Android

Open Twitter app.

Tap “Profile picture” at the top.

Now, you can see the “Light bulb” icon at the bottom. Hit it.

Light bulb icon

That’s it. All done.

Keep in mind that to disable dark mode, you need to follow the above steps.

Also, note that the dark mode remains turned on until you turn it off or clear data of Twitter for Android.

Alternatively, you can do the above tasks using the below steps:

Open Twitter app.

Hit Profile picture > Settings and privacy > Display and sound.

Under the “Display” section, you can see the “Dark mode” option. Hit it.

Now, you can see these three options:

Three options of Dark mode

Off – Disable dark mode

On – Enable dark mode

Automatic at sunset – Enable dark mode at sunset and disable dark mode at sunrise automatically.

Pick the option you prefer, and that’s all.

Selected Automatic at sunset

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