How to Turn On and Off Flashlight on Android

In this post, we'll see two different ways to turn on and off flashlight on Android device (In this instance, I'm using an Android device running Oreo). Here are they:

Method #1

Unlock your Android device. Say "Okay Google" and then "Flashlight." It'll turn on the flashlight on your Android device.

Flashlight command

To turn the flashlight off, say "Okay Google" and then "Turn off flashlight."

Turn off flashlight

Note: You can use the above commands (except "Okay Google") in "Google Search Bar" on your Android device.

Method #2

Slide down from the top. Do it once again.

Slide from left to right. Now, you can see "Flashlight" beside "Portrait." Hit it.

Flashlight beside Portrait
Flashlight turned on

Now, the flashlight should be turned on. If you want to turn it off, then do the above steps.

Additional Hint

If you've got the Motorola device, then chop twice to turn on the flashlight. Doing the same will turn off the flashlight.

Chop twice for flashlight

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How to Turn On and Off Flashlight on Android

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