How to Turn Off Data for Certain Apps on Android

If you have a limited internet plan, then restrict data usage of the apps you don’t want to connect to the internet to save your bandwidth.

Many of the background applications accessing your internet and you can restrict them with the default option available in android.

By default, android supports to restrict the background data only.

In a nutshell, it restricts background data and not foreground data (In other words, when you launch an app, it can connect to the internet even if you restrict background data usage).

Let’s check it out the steps to restrict background data usage of individual apps.

Steps to Restrict Background Data Usage of Individual Apps

Go to settings > data usage.

Now, you can see the apps which are consuming your data.

To restrict an individual app, click on the app name.

At the bottom, you can see the restrict background data option.

Enable it. Tap ok for the confirmation message.

Do the same above procedure for all the apps you want.

That’s it. The apps will not consume your data in the background.

If you want to restrict all the background data usage of Android, follow these steps:

Go to settings > data usage.

Press the menu button on the android.

Now, you can see a lot of options. Choose the restrict background data option.

Tap ok for the confirmation message.

It is important to note that restricting all background data usage on android is not an ideal option if you’ve been receiving notification from specific apps such as FB.

If you restrict the background data of FB, you’ll not get notifications about new messages or updates. Only when you launch the app, you’ll get updates from FB.

Also, it is important to note that this option only restricts the background data usage of the cellular data connection. It means the apps will use background data when it is connected to the wifi network.

Steps to Turn Off Data for Certain Apps on Android

As we discussed earlier, the default option in android only restricts background usage.

If you want to turn off data in both foreground and background for specific apps, then you need to use android apps.

There are many android apps available to do this task. Here, we will discuss the app called “DroidWall – Android Firewall”.

It is important to note that the app requires root access. Let’s get started.

Install and open the app.

There you can see all your applications listed.

Click on “any application” option if you want to provide internet access to all applications (see screenshot). Otherwise, select the application which you want to access the internet. (I’m in the whitelist mode–so I need to select the apps to provide access to the internet. You can see the mode at the top left corner of the app and you can change it by clicking on the mode). Also, select the network for each corresponding app.

Once you select the apps and their corresponding network access, click on the menu button.

Click on the firewall disabled button to enable the firewall.

That’s it. Only the apps you selected will access internet connection and other apps can’t.

Next time when you make changes in the app, click on apply rules option to apply the rules.

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