Top 6 Best Cdn Services to Speed Up WordPress Site

A Content Delivery Network better popular as CDN is basically a mechanism that loads Java Scripts, Images, and other such elements fast over the website.

The loading time of your website is an important consideration to keep in the mind as a slow loading website can neither rank well over the web nor it can offer an extended browsing experience to the users.

The solution to both of these problems lies in using CDN services. The content delivery network will help to speed up your WordPress website that will further offer an extended user experience.

If your website is slow, you are going to lose a potential number of customers. Today, visitors are not patient enough to wait for a site to load as there are hundreds of other options to go for.

Therefore, it is important to pay attention to the speed of your website in order to garner the attention of the users towards your website. Using CDN will ensure your static content is saved on the Content Delivery Network (CDN) servers.

When a related search is made, the content is delivered from the nearest server that is the closest to the visitor. It thus reduces the overall website loading time. Here is a preview of some of the renowned best CDN services.

Best CDN Services to Speed Up WordPress Site



CloudFlare is counted among one of the most popular free CDN services. It is easy to be used for your WordPress site.

CloudFlare has a global network i.e. data centers are located across the world. This helps in serving the content with a blazing speed.

It is very much easy to implement CloudFlare, all it requires is a creation of a free account and then adding your blog URL. Once, CloudFlare is done with checking with your website, the user will be provided with custom nameservers and then all you need to do is pointing your domains to that nameservers.



A well-known content delivery system that also delivers a free plan. In addition to this, Incapsula also provides spam protection service in order to protect your site from spam bots, login protection, access control and much more to this for free of cost.

This plan suits exceptionally well to personal bloggers. As your site starts growing, you can get paid plans to add more features to your website.

Using WordPress plugins with this CDN will help to get the correct IP address for the comment posted on your website. It also provides real-time threat analysis of incoming traffic.



CoralCDN comes under the category of a peer-to-peer (P2P) based content delivery network. The service is available free of cost as this CDN system relies on the P2P network, which means billions of computers are there connected across the world to offer error-free network.

By serving static content to the servers with the help of “”, CoralCDN promises error free content delivery.



MaxCDN is one popular content delivery network. MaxCDN has got some exceptional features that include custom SSL, instant purging, Real-time analytics as well as initial setup call. All these features are included in the basic price itself.

The best thing about this Content Distribution Network (CDN) is that it works perfectly with WordPress.

Check out our complete MaxCDN review here.

RackSpace Cloud Files

rackspace cloud files

Being one of the most renowned CDN to provide cloud and dedicated hosting, RackSpace Cloud Files is just exceptional to use.

It has got exceptional infrastructure; however, there is no free trial available for this network. The pricing begins with 10/GB for the first 1TB of storage.

This CDN has got a bunch of amazing features and some of the renowned ones are custom SSL and HTTP streaming.

This CDN has got an exceptional feature wherein it maintains three different copies of each file that ensure reliability as well as the availability of files if anyhow they get corrupted.


CacheFly enjoys the status of being a super fast and a secure CDN for WordPress. This network has got more than 40 data centers in order to serve the clients outstandingly well.

Because of this reason, this content delivery system is able to provide exceptional speed to serve the content in an efficient manner.

This CDN has got a dynamic control panel that helps to keep the track of the usage statics. There is also an option of saving and viewing the saved reports along with usage statics.


Using CDN is an exceptional way to provide blazing speed to the loading time of your website. A website that loads fast not only ranks well over the web but also provides an outstanding experience for the visitors.

With CDN, it gets easy to speed up the website and let your visitors feel thrilled while they are browsing through the website.

While there are both the option of free and paid Content Delivery Network (CDN) available, the choice can be made depending upon the requirement. Both of these options have their own benefits.

Initially, it is good to start with free CDN services and as your network grows, shifting to paid version will suit ideally.

Loading time matters the most and thus using CDN will suit ideally to increase the speed of WordPress website. Hence, consider the options that have been listed here in order to provide an exceptional experience to the users.

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