How to Temporarily Disable Keyboard in Windows 10

​If you want to temporarily disable laptop keyboard and external keyboard in Windows 10, then here are the steps:

​Download and open “Anti-Shaya.”

​In the software, you can see that the default password is “satan.” If you want to set a new password, enter the password you want in the place of the default password and then click on the icon beside it. I am leaving it intact.

​Now, click on the “Lock” button.

​That’s it. The keyboard is disabled entirely (Only Alt + Ctrl + Delete combination works). But remember that this is temporary. A restart or shut down can enable your keyboard. Also, the following steps too can.

​Click the software icon in the notification area of your PC.

​The software will prompt you to enter the password. Type the password and then press “Enter.”

That’s all. The keyboard is enabled.