How to Open Task Scheduler in Windows 10?

Here, we’ll see different ways to open Task Scheduler in Windows 10. Let’s see what they are.

Method #1

Open Start menu. Hit the Windows Administrative Tools folder which you can find between Windows Accessories and Windows Ease of Access.

Click on Task Scheduler.

Method #2

Use the command taskschd.msc or taskschd to launch Task Scheduler. The latter is for 2 and 3 and the former is for the rest.

  1. Run Command Box (guide to open this)
Run with command
  1. Command Prompt (guide to open cmd)
  2. Windows PowerShell (guide to open PowerShell)
  3. Address Toolbar (guide to add this)
  4. File Explorer address bar
  5. Task Manager (click File > Run new task to use the command) (guide to open Task Manager)

Method #3

Open Start menu. Type task scheduler. Hit the Task Scheduler app from the search results.

Method #4

Go to C > Windows > System32 folder.

Double-click taskschd file which you can find between taskschd.dll and TaskSchdPS.dll.

Taskschd file

Method #5

Launch Control Panel. In the search box at the top, type task and hit Enter key.

Click on the Schedule tasks link from the search results.

Schedule tasks

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