How to Take Scrolling Screenshot on PC and Android

Typically when you take a screenshot, it only captures the active portion of the screen.

Let’s say, you want to take a screenshot of the web page.

The active portion of the web page is only what a screenshot can always contain; Not the entire web page.

That’s the case for PC and Android devices and this is where the scrolling screenshot comes in handy.

Scrolling screenshot captures entire web page. In other words, it captures the entire portion of the active screen.

In this post, we will see the steps to take scrolling screenshot on both the PC and Android. Let’s get started.

Take Scrolling Screenshot on PC

For Web Pages Only

If you want to capture an entire web page, then the following steps are for you. Taking scrolling screenshots on web browsers is an easy task because of the extensions.


Install the FireShot extension (Download links: Chrome and Firefox). In this instance, I’m using Chrome web browser.

Open the web page which you want to capture.

Click on FireShot extension and select the “Capture entire page” option.

Capture entire page option

The extension will do its job and capture the entire web page.

Once it is done, you’ll see the scrolling screenshot along with several options on a new browser tab.

Save the file or use any other available options as per your wish.

We all know that extensions only work with in the browser and it leaves us with a question.

What if I need to take a scrolling screenshot of other parts of PC? That’s where the stand alone tool comes in.

For PC Screen Capture

There are a lot of tools available in the market to do this task. These tools help us to take scrolling capture on anywhere of the PC.

Here are two suggestions I have for you:

Snagit (Paid; But, you can get 15 days free trial.)

Screenpresso (Free)

In this instance, we will see the “Snagit”. Let’s see how to use this one.

Open the web page you want to capture.

Hit “Print Screen” button.

Now you can see three arrows. All arrows are representing scrolling capture. One is horizontal, second is vertical and the final one is entire.

Choose the one as per your need.

That’s it. The tool will take care of the rest.

When you try to capture other screens of the PC, then you can see a varying number of screen capture arrows depending upon the screen.

Take Scrolling Screenshot on Android

Some devices (Xiaomi, Samsung to name a few) have the inbuilt option to take a scrolling screenshot. But, most of the devices don’t have it.

If your device doesn’t have this feature, then you need to install a third-party app to get this feature on your device.

When it comes to scrolling screenshot, only a few apps are available on the Play market.

The following are the apps I’m suggesting you to try:

For Web Pages Only

If you want to capture web pages only, then you can use this app.

Install and open Web Page Capture app.

Once you gone through welcome notes, you can see the main screen.

By default, it opens Google.

Do a Google search and open the web page you want. In this instance, I open our blog.

Tap “Download” icon at the bottom.

Now you can see two options. Tap “Capture Image”.

Capture Image option

That’s it. The app will do the rest and shows up the screenshot of the entire page.

I want to remind this again that this app only works on the web pages alone.

If you need to take a scrolling screenshot of other portions of your Android device, then you need the following app.

For Android Screen Capture

Install and open Stich & Share app.

Tap “Automatic capturing” option.

Now you can see two options.

Stitch & Share app permissions

Tap the Second option and provide the “Accessibility” permission for the app.

Now tap the first option. Tap “Start Now” button on the popup.

Tap “Start Automatic Capturing” button.

Now you can see some on-screen instruction to use this app.

Just open the screen you want to capture.

Tap the “Stitch & Share” app icon.

Stitch & Share icon

Now you can see the instructions about scrolling screen. Just do as said.

Scrolling instructions

Once you are done, just tap the “Save” icon.

Now you can see the entire screen capture. Tap the Green arrow icon at the bottom.

Green icon

You can see two options (save or share). Choose the one as per your wish.

There are two things to note here:

This app will leave a small watermark on the final image at the bottom.

When I tested this app, it doesn’t work properly sometimes.

Disclaimer: This post may contain affiliate links which means I will receive the commission (at no additional cost to you) when you purchase the product via my links. Thanks for your support.

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