How to Add Table of Contents in Google Docs

Adding the table of contents (TOC) into a Google Docs document is a simple task.

But, before we proceed to the steps, it is important to note that the table of contents contains headings only.

So, you need to apply Heading paragraph style to the text you want to be in the table of contents and here’s how you can do that on PC:

Sign into Google Docs. Open the document and then select the text for which you wish to apply Heading paragraph style.

Keep in mind that there are 6 Heading paragraph styles (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6) in Google Docs. You can use the below shortcuts to apply the one you prefer.

Heading 1 – Ctrl + Alt + 1
Heading 2 – Ctrl + Alt + 2
Heading 3 – Ctrl + Alt + 3
Heading 4 – Ctrl + Alt + 4
Heading 5 – Ctrl + Alt + 5
Heading 6 – Ctrl + Alt + 6

Now, you can see that the one you’ve chosen is applied to the selected text. Repeat the above for all the text you want.

With that said, let’s see the steps to add the table of contents in the Google Docs web version.

​Open the document and then place the cursor at where you want the table of contents.

​Click on “Insert” at the top. Hover your mouse over the “Table of contents” option.

​Now, you can see two options (the first one from the left contains page numbers, black text, and link to the headings and the second one contains underlined blue text, link to the headings and doesn’t include page numbers). Click on the one you prefer.

Table of contents options

That’s all. You can see the table of contents now.

To update the table of contents: Click on the table of contents, and you can see the “Refresh” icon at the left side of it. Click on the “Refresh” icon and the TOC will get updated.

To delete the table of contents: Right-click on the one you want to remove and then click on “Delete table of contents” option.

To edit an entry in the table of contents: Click on an entry in the TOC, and you can see three options:

The first one is the link, and if you click it, you’ll be taken to the URL of that entry.

The second one is the “Change” option which is used to change the text and ​URL of that entry. Here’s how you can do that:

​Click on “Change” option.

​Enter the text you prefer.

Editing an entry in the table of contents

​If you wish to change the URL, click on the “x” beside “Apply” button and you can see the field now to enter the ​URL. Enter the one you wish.

​Click on “Apply” button.

That’s it. Keep in mind that the change will only be applied to that entry in the TOC.

The third one is the “Remove” option which removes the link from the entry.

To delete entries from the table of contents: Select them and then hit the “Delete” button in your keyboard.

Remember that if you update TOC, then the changes you’ve made to the TOC entries will be gone.

Note: You can’t do this task on Google Docs for Android.

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