How to Enable and Disable System UI Tuner on Android

System UI Tuner, a feature that got introduced in Android MarshMallow, has a lot of experimental features to customize Android device.

If you want to give a try to those experimental features, then you need to enable System UI Tuner first because it is a hidden feature.

Without any delay, let's see how to enable it.

Enable System UI Tuner on Android

Here is an important thing to note:

Even though the feature got introduced in MarshMallow, not all the MarshMallow devices have this feature.

If you have a MarshMallow device, then I suggest you to try it out the following steps to find out your device has this feature or not.


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    Swipe down twice on your Android device.
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    Long press the "Gear" icon at the top until you feel the vibration.
Gear icon
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    Now, you will be in the "Settings" app, and you can see a toast message stating "Congrats! System UI Tuner has been added to Settings."
Toast message
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    Scroll down until you find "System UI Tuner." Typically it is located at the bottom. After you find it, tap on it.
System UI Tuner option in Settings app
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    You will see a popup (it will be shown to you for the first time only). Tap "Got It."
Got It option

That is all. Now, you can play with the options available within the System UI Tuner as per your liking.

Options within the System UI Tuner

Keep in mind that the options available there may vary depending on your Android version.

Disable System UI Tuner on Android

If you do not want "System UI Tuner," then follow the below steps:

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    Go to the Settings app > System UI Tuner.
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    Tap Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.
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    Tap "Remove from Settings."
Remove from Settings option
  • angle-double-right
    On the confirmation popup, tap "Remove." 
Remove option on confirmation popup

That is all. System UI Tuner and all its features are disabled now.

Keep in mind that you can enable System UI Tuner (using above steps) at any time you want.

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How to Enable and Disable System UI Tuner on Android

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