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How to Stop WhatsApp from Auto Download Media on Android

By default, WhatsApp will automatically download:

  • ​The photos when you are using the mobile data connection.
  • ​The photos, videos, audios, and documents when you are using the WiFi connection.
  • WhatsApp will not automatically download files when you are on roaming.
Default media auto-download settings

Letting the WhatsApp to download media automatically is not a good choice especially if you are receiving so many media, because it will consume a lot of bandwidth and storage.

The fix for this issue is stopping the WhatsApp from auto-download.

In this post, we will see the steps to stop WhatsApp from automatically downloading media on your Android device.

Well, it is a simple task, and you can do it in a minute using WhatsApp in-built settings. Let’s get started.

Stop WhatsApp from Auto-Download Media on Android


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    Open WhatsApp.
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    Hit Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) at the top.
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    Tap Settings > Data usage.
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    Under “Media auto-download” section, you can see three options regarding auto-download.
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    Tap “When using mobile data” option. Now, uncheck "Photos" and tap "OK."
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    Tap “When connected on Wi-Fi,” uncheck all the options and then tap "OK."
Stopped auto media download on WiFi connection
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    By default, WhatsApp does not automatically download media on roaming. So you can leave that “When roaming” option intact. In case, if you have already selected any of those, just uncheck them and tap "OK."
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    That's it. All done. Just make sure that "No media" is below all the three options (see below screenshot).
Stopped WhatsApp from auto downloading media

From now on, WhatsApp will not auto download media on your Android device.

So, when you are receiving media files, you have to download manually. Tap the "Download" icon in the media file, and it will be downloaded and saved to your device.

Here are two important things to note:

  • ​WhatsApp will always automatically download voice messages, and there is no option to stop that.
  • check
    You cannot stop auto-download on WhatsApp Web.

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How to Stop WhatsApp from Auto Download Media on Android

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