How to Stop Video Autoplay on Chrome and Firefox

In this post, we will see the methods to stop autoplay videos on Chrome and Firefox. Let’s get started.

Stop Video Autoplay on Chrome Browser

Chrome’s inbuilt option to stop flash videos is not working properly.

So, I suggest you to install this extension and it will automatically stop flash.

If you want to enable the flash for some reason, then click on the extension and choose the option you prefer.

Flashcontrol extension settings

This will only stop the flash videos. The HTML5 videos still play in your browser.

To stop the HTML5 videos from autoplay, download this Chrome extension Disable HTML5 Autoplay.

Stop Video Autoplay on Firefox Browser

Open Firefox.

Press Ctrl + Shift + A or type about:addons.

Click on the “Plugins” section and find the “Shockwave Flash” plugin.

Click the drop-down menu beside the plugin and choose the “Ask to Activate” option.

The flash videos won’t autoplay anymore. The next step is to stop the HTML5 videos in the Firefox browser. To do that, follow the below steps:

Type the following in the address bar


Search for this option


Once you find the option, right-click on it and select “Toggle” option. This will change the value of the option to false.


From now on, the HTML 5 videos won’t autoplay in your Firefox browser.

But, the above method of Firefox has one problem. This will stop Vimeo videos playback.

So, I suggest you to install this extension which will stop video autoplay (both flash and HTML 5) and won’t cause any issue with the Vimeo playback.

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