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How to Stop Others from Following You on Facebook

By default, your Facebook friends are following you, and anyone can follow you on Facebook.

If you do not like others following you, then you can stop it.

In this post, we will see the steps to do this task on Facebook (PC) and Facebook app (Android). Let's see how.

Stop Others from Following You on Facebook 


  • angle-right
    Go to Public Posts. Sign in if you are not already.
  • angle-right
    Now, you can see "Who Can Follow Me" along with its drop-down list.
Who Can Follow Me along with its drop-down list
  • angle-right
    Open it and then select "Friends."
Selected Friends

That is all. From now on, only your friends can follow you and others cannot.

Keep in mind that it also removes "Followers" tab on your Facebook account. Moreover, all your existing followers (who are not your friends) cannot follow you because they are not your followers anymore.

In case, if you want to allow anyone to follow you in future, then just follow the above steps and then choose "Public" from the drop-down list. It will bring back "Followers" tab and all your existing followers. Also, it will allow anyone to follow you.


You can do the same task on Facebook for Android and here is how:

  • angle-double-right
    Open Facebook app.
  • angle-double-right
    Tap Hamburger icon (three vertical lines) > Settings & Privacy > Account Settings > Public Posts.
  • angle-double-right
    Under "Who Can Follow Me," you can see options "Public" and "Friends." Select "Friends."
Selected Friends on Facebook app

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How to Stop Others from Following You on Facebook

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