How to Stop Facebook and Twitter Autoplay

By default, Facebook and Twitter autoplay videos. If you are not a fan of it, then you can stop those auto-playing videos, and it is just a minute of work.

Without further ado, let’s see the steps to do this task on both PC and Android.

Note: You have to change the autoplay settings separately for PC and app. For instance: you have turned off autoplay on the Twitter web (PC). However, it will not stop autoplay on the Twitter app for Android. If you do not want autoplay on the Twitter app, then you have to change it on the app.

Stop Twitter Autoplay


Go to this URL.

Uncheck “Video autoplay” option.

Click “Save changes” button.

Turned off twitter video autoplay

Twitter App for Android

​​​​Open Twitter app.

Tap your “Profile Picture” and then choose “Settings and privacy” from the Menu.

Find and tap “Data usage.”

Settings and privacy of twitter app

Tap “Video autoplay” option.

Video autoplay option of twitter app

Choose “Never.”

Turned off autoplay on twitter app

Stop Facebook Autoplay


Go to this URL.

Now, you can see a drop-down list in the “Auto-play Videos” section.

Auto-play videos drop-down list

Open the drop-down list and choose “Off.”

Turned off facebook autoplay

Facebook App for Android

Open FB app and tap Hamburger icon (three vertical lines).

Scroll down, find and tap “App Settings.”

App settings of FB app

Tap “Autoplay” option.

Autoplay option of FB app

Now, choose “Never Autoplay Videos.”

Selected never autoplay videos option on Facebook app

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