How to Enable Startup Boost in Edge

In this post you will see:

  • How to enable or disable Microsoft Edge startup boost
  • How to enable or disable sleeping tabs in Edge
  • How to enable or disable vertical tabs in Edge

In this case, I use Windows 10 PC. Let’s start.

How to enable or disable startup boost in Edge

Microsoft Edge has a feature called “Startup Boost.”

This feature speeds up the start of the Edge browser. It doesn’t matter from where you start the browser, it opens quickly.

Let’s see how this feature works:

If you enable this feature, Edge will add itself to the startup programs of your PC.

This means that as soon as you log in to your PC, Edge will also load in the background.

And it will continue to run in the background even after Edge is closed.

Now, let’s see the steps to enable the startup boost feature in Edge.

Open the Microsoft Edge browser.

Hit the three horizontal dots at the top right.

Click Settings.

Click System on the left sidebar.

Note: You can go directly to the System by entering the following (edge://settings/system) and pressing the Enter key.

In the right pane, you will see “Startup boost.”

You will also see a toggle switch. Activate it.

That’s it. The startup boost has been activated.

Go to the Task Manager Startup tab and you can see the Microsoft Edge in it.

Remember that you can disable the startup boost at any time by simply turning off the switch.

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How to enable or disable sleeping tabs

Sleeping tabs feature in Edge, which uses “freezing” technology, puts inactive background tabs to sleep after a certain amount of time.

And releases the system resources (RAM and CPU) allocated to inactive tabs that are available to existing or new tabs or other applications.

Let us now see the steps to activate this feature.

Open Edge browser.

Click on the three horizontal dots in the upper right corner.

Hit Settings.

Hit System on the left sidebar.

In the Save resources section, you will see a switch beside Save resources with sleeping tabs. Enable that.

You can also see a drop-down list next to “Put inactive tabs to sleep after the specified amount of time.”

Self-explanatory, isn’t it?

Open it and select the duration you prefer. The available durations are:

  • 5 minutes of inactivity
  • 15 minutes of inactivity
  • 30 minutes of inactivity
  • 1 hours of inactivity
  • 2 hours of inactivity
  • 3 hours of inactivity
  • 6 hours of inactivity
  • 12 hours of inactivity

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If you don’t want some sites to be put to sleep, you’ll need to click the Add button next to Never put these sites to sleep.

When you press the Add button, you will see a pop-up. Enter the website URL and then press the Add button.

To remove a page that has been added, simply press the three horizontal dots next to the page you want to remove and then click Remove.

Edge has a heuristic that prevents some sites to be put on sleep because these sites do not work properly when they are put to sleep.

To activate the sleeping tab, you must click on it.

To deactivate the sleeping tabs feature, you need to turn off the switch beside Save resources with sleeping tabs.

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How to enable or disable vertical tabs in Edge

Open Edge.

Press the three horizontal points at the top and then Settings.

Hit Appearance in the left sidebar.

You can now see the Show vertical tabs button which you will find above the “Show home button” in the Customize toolbar section.

Activate it if you want the vertical tabs button at the top left, or deactivate it if you don’t want it.

If enabled, you will see the Turn on vertical tabs icon in the top left of the browser window.

Press it and you will see the sidebar on the left that lists the open tabs.

The active tab title is displayed in the middle of the browser window.

In the sidebar, each open tab shows its favicon and title. Next to each open tab, you can see X used to close it.

You can change the order of tabs if you like, and a click on the tab will get you to it.

You can also see the New tab which, as the name suggests, opens a new tab.

If you want to fold the sidebar, use the left arrow in the sidebar at the top. Now, you can see the left sidebar which shows only the favicon of open tabs and + icon for the new tab.

If you want to reverse it, proceed as follows: Move the mouse over the sidebar, and you will find the pin icon. Press it.

If you want to turn off vertical tabs, click the Turn off vertical tabs icon.