How to Hide or Show Bookmarks Bar in Chrome

In this post, we’ll see how to hide or show the bookmarks bar in Chrome.

Please note that all the below methods can show or hide the bookmarks bar. Let’s get started.

Method #1

Simultaneously press Ctrl + Shift + B keys.

Method #2

Right-click on the bookmarks bar and then hit “Show bookmarks bar.”

Selected Show bookmarks bar

Method #3

  1. Hit three vertical dots at the top.
  2. Hover your mouse over “Bookmarks” which you can find beneath “Downloads.”
  3. Hit “Show bookmarks bar.”

Method #4

  1. Hit three vertical dots at the top > Settings.
  2. Hit the “Appearance” from the left sidebar which you can find between “Autofill” and “Search engine.”
  3. Beneath the “Show home button,” you can see the “Show bookmarks bar.” Hit it.

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