How to Set Homepage in Chrome, Firefox and Edge

You can set any web page as your browser homepage. In this instance, I am gonna set “Google” as my homepage.

In this post, we will see how to do this task on PC and Android browsers. Let’s get started.

Set Homepage in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge



Open Edge.

Click on three horizontal dots at the top right corner of the screen.

Now, click Settings > View advanced settings.

You can see “Show the home button,” and it is turned on by default. Underneath it, you can see a drop-down list.

Open the drop-down list and choose “A specific page.”

Now, you can see a field where you need to enter URL which you want to set as the homepage. In this instance, I am inputting Google URL.

After that, click on “Save” button beside the URL field.

Save button to save the homepage on Edge

That is all. From now on, whenever you click the “Home” button in the Edge toolbar, it will take you to the Google.

You can get back default homepage on Edge and here is how: Find the “Show home button.” Open the drop-down list beneath it and then select “Start page.”

Default homepage selected in Edge

Note: if you wish, you can set it as “New tab page.”


Open Chrome.

Click Overflow Menu (three vertical dots) > Settings.

Under Appearance, you can see “Show home button.” Click on it.

Choose “Enter custom web address.” In the “Enter custom web address,” enter the URL of the Google.

Google set as homepage in Chrome browser

That’s it. From now on, when you click on Home button, it will open Google.

If you prefer to get back to the default one, follow the below steps:

Go to “Settings” of Chrome.

Find “New Tab page” option under “Show home button.” Click on it.

Default homepage selected in Chrome


In Firefox, by default, the homepage is your start page (the one that gets loaded when you start Firefox), and it is the one that gets loaded when you click Home button too.

Let’s see how to change homepage in Firefox.

Open Firefox.

Click on “Hamburger” icon (three vertical lines) > Options.

Now you can see “Home page” with a field under it. Enter the web page URL as per your wish in the field. In this instance, I am entering Google.

Google as the homepage of Firefox web browser

That is all. Click the Home button or restart your browser to see the change.

Note: Under URL field of the Home page, you can see three buttons:

Use Current Page(s) – You can set the tab(s) of the Firefox window as the homepage. Remember that by using this option, you can set multiple pages as your homepage.

Use Bookmarks – you can use this option to set a bookmark as the homepage.

Restore to Default – set the default homepage.

If you want to get back to the default one, follow the below steps:

Find “Home page” option of Firefox.

Click on the “Restore to Default” button under URL field of the Home page.

Default homepage set in Firefox web browser


Edge App

Currently, Edge does not have the option to set a homepage.

Chrome App

Currently, Chrome for Android does not have the option to set a homepage.

Firefox App

In the Firefox app, the homepage is the one that gets loaded when you start Firefox.

Here is how you can set a homepage on Firefox app:

Open Firefox app.

Tap Overflow Menu > Settings > General > Home > Set a Homepage.

Set a Homepage option in Firefox app

Now, tap on “Custom” in the popup and then enter “Google URL.”

Google inputted as homepage in Firefox app

Tap “OK.”

That’s it. Close your Firefox app and then open it to see your homepage.

To get back the default homepage in your Firefox app, follow the below steps:

Tap “Set a Homepage” option.

Select “Firefox Home.”

Default Firefox homepage Firefox Home is selected

Tap “OK.”

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