How to Set A Different Font for Individual Apps

Android is popular for its customization options and if your device is rooted, you can customize each setting as per your need.

We all know that we can change the font in Android and some particular model devices have an inbuilt option for this task. But, the thing is that the changed font becomes the entire device font.

But, if you wish, you can change the font on per app basis. In simple words, you can set a different font for each app in your handset. Let’s check it out all the steps in detail.

Suggestion: Do a nandroid backup before making any changes.

Set A Different Font for Individual Apps



  • Install perappfonts module in your device.

Steps to Install Xposed Module

Follow the below steps to install the module:

  • Open Xposed installer.
  • Navigate to download section and search for the module.
  • Install it and slide the notification bar.
  • Tap activate and reboot option.

That’s it. the module is successfully installed.

  • After reboot, open the app from app drawer.
  • You’ll see the list of apps. Tap the app for which you want to change the font.
  • Click on the enable option. Now, you can see 3 options.
  • Font weight

    Font family

    Force fonts

  • Choose the font weight [default, bold, italic, and bold&italic] as per your wish.
  • To change font family, select change font family option. The app comes with the 8 fonts including system default. Choose the font family you prefer.
  • change fonts for app
  • Now, click the X at the top [besides play button]. This will force kill the app. This is required for the new fonts to take effect. Press OK for the confirmation.
  • Now, click the play button. You’ll see the change.
  • If the app still continues to show the old fonts, enable the force fonts option. This option will replace the fonts at a higher level, so you can see the change for sure.
different fonts for app
fonts for individual apps

Additional Hint

How to identify the apps for which you changed the font?

  • Open the perappfonts.
  • You can see some apps in blue color which mean that the font of the app was changed.

How to revert back to the default font?

  • To revert back to the old font[system default], just go to perappfonts and open the app.
  • Disable the enable option.
  • Open the app in perappfonts.
  • Change font weight to default.
  • Change font family to the system default.

That’s it. The default font is enabled for the app.

How to use your own font?

  • You can use your own font for the individual apps. To use your own font, you need to add it to the fonts folder on your SD card. A reboot is required after you add fonts to the fonts folder.
  • If you’ve fonts in some other folder, you can change the folder by going to the preferences [at top right in the app] > font folder and choose your font folder. After you changed the folder, reboot your android.
  • After the reboot, you can see your custom fonts in the font-family option.

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How to Set A Different Font for Individual Apps

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