How to Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

You can send a WhatsApp message to anyone who is not in your phone’s contacts.

You can do it in two diverse ways, which we will see in this post. Let’s get started.

Send WhatsApp Message Without Adding Contact

Method #1


Install and open the WhatsDirect app.

Accept the Terms & Conditions of the app by tapping the “Continue” button.

You can see a tutorial now which you can skip or go through it (if you wish).

Now you should be on the main screen.

Type the phone number along with the country code (see screenshot). 91 is the country code, and the remaining is the phone number. Keep in mind that you need not enter any special characters such as “+”. If you don’t know the country code, I suggest you check out this article or just do a Google search (country code “your country name”).

Type the message you want.

Now hit the “Send Text” button on the app.

It will take you to the WhatsApp app. If you wish, you can edit your message there. Now hit the “Send” icon to send the message.

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That’s it. Your WhatsApp message is sent successfully without saving the contact to your device.

This app not only supports text, but it also supports Media too. If you wish to send media, then here are the steps you need to follow:

Enter the number you wish along with the country code.

Tap the “Send Media” button. Tap “Okay” on the pop-up.

Attach media popup notification on whatsdirect

It will take you to the WhatsApp. Now attach media on the WhatsApp like you normally do.

After that, tap the “Send” icon.

That’s it.

In case, if the number isn’t on the WhatsApp, then WhatsApp will notify you like this:

Method #2

Click to Chat is a WhatsApp feature that helps us to do this task. You can do it on both the phone and PC.

Here are the steps to do that on PC:

Open the web browser and then paste the following on the Address bar:

In the place of “number”, you need to provide the phone number with the country code (don’t enter any special characters).

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For instance, you need to provide the number like this:

Here 91 is country code (India) and the remaining is a phone number (just for the example sake).

Keep in mind that the number you provided should have a WhatsApp account.

Now you should be on the screen like this:

Click on the “Message” button.

It will take you to the WhatsApp Web. Scan the QR code to log in (open WhatsApp on your phone > tap Overflow menu > WhatsApp Web).

Now you can see that a chat is opened for the number you provide.

Just type the message or attach the media and hit the “Send” icon.

Alternatively, you can use the following link structure to open a chat for a number along with the pre-filled message.

In the number’s place, provide the phone number along with the international code.

In the place of URLencodedtext, provide your URL-encoded message. Keep in mind that you need to use %20 for space and %3F for the question mark. For instance:

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After you entered the link in the browser’s Address bar, you can see a screen like this:

Tap the Send button.

Scan QR code to log in to WhatsApp Web.

Now you can see that a chat is opened along with the message. Just click on the “Send” icon to send the message.

The above steps are the same for Android devices. Instead of WhatsApp Web, you will send your message from the WhatsApp app.

WhatsApp Enter is Send

In WhatsApp for Android compose box, tapping the “Enter” key on the keyboard creates a new line by default. But if you wish to send the message by tapping “Enter” key, follow the below steps:

Launch WhatsApp. Hit three vertical dots at the top right > Settings > Chats.

In the “Chat settings” section, tap “Enter is send” (which you can find above Media visibility). Remember that the Green means enabled.

Note: remember that the above steps can revert too.

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