How to Send Self Destructing Emails in Gmail

The Gmail doesn’t have the inbuilt option to send a self-destructing email. But, with the help of the extensions, we can do this task.

Sending self-destructing emails are especially helpful when you are sending confidential or sensitive information and don’t want it to be accessed by the recipient permanently.

There are different methods available to send self-destructing emails in Gmail. In this post, we will see the free Mail2Cloud extension which helps us to do this task easily and it is free for up to 10 uses per month. Let's get started.

Send Self-Destructing Emails

Self-destructing emails don't get deleted automatically from the recipient Gmail account. Only, the contents of the email will get deleted in 5 minutes after the email is opened by the recipient.


  • Install the extension.
  • Sign into your Gmail account.
  • Compose the email.
  • Now, click on the “mxhero" button next to the send button.
  • In the popup window, you can see many options.

Let me explain all the options in order.

  • Used to track clicks on attachments and links.
  • Used to send private emails to multiple addresses.
  • Used to send self-destructing emails. When this option is selected, the email content gets deleted automatically in 5 minutes after the recipient reads it.
  • Used to Schedule an email to send later at a specified time.
  • You can set a reply timeout. For instance, you set the reply timeout to 1 hour. If the recipient of the email doesn’t reply you within the 1 hour, you’ll get a notification email about this unanswered email.
  • Now, click on the icon beside every option to enable or disable it. Choose the options as per your need. In this instance, we are talking about the self-destructing emails. So I choose that option alone.
  • Click on "Send" button and provide the permission to the extension.

That’s it. The self-destructing email is sent successfully.

This is the email I sent to the recipient

This is the same email, after 5 minutes

send self destructing email

You’ll get the read receipt once the recipient opens your message.

tracking notification

It is important to note that the attachment in the self-destructing email won't get deleted and they will be available for 7 downloads only [see screenshot].

attachment download

You'll also get the notification once your attachment is accessed by the recipient.

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How to Send Self Destructing Emails in Gmail

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