What is Screen Pinning and How to Use it on Android Pie

What is Screen Pinning on Android?

It is a feature that got introduced in Lollipop (Android 5.0) which lets you pin your Android device screen to a particular app.

In simple words, it lets you pin the app, which is the only thing you can see and access until you unpin it.

To use this feature, you need to enable screen pinning first.

Enable Screen Pinning on Android Pie

Screen pinning is turned off by default, and here are the steps to enable it.

Open “Settings” app. Hit “Security & location.”

Hit “Down” arrow beside “Advanced,” which is beneath “Location,” and you can see the “Screen pinning” option at the bottom now. Hit it.

Tap the toggle at the top.

Enabled screen pinning

That’s it. The screen pinning is turned on.

Also, you can see another option (Ask for (your screen lock method) before unpinning) which is also enabled. Self-explanatory option, right? Let it be enabled or if you wish you can disable it.

Note: To disable screen pinning, hit the toggle we’ve talked earlier.

Well, let’s see how to pin an app on Android Pie.

How to Pin an App on Android Pie


  1. Open the app you want to pin if it is not already opened.

  2. Tap the “Overview” button. Find and tap the icon of the app which you want to pin.

  3. Hit the “Pin” option, which you can find beneath the “Split screen.”
    Pin option

That’s it. All done.

Every time you pin the app, you’ll see the popup about how to unpin it. Hit “Got It” in that popup to make it disappear.

Popup stating the steps to unpin

To unpin an app, touch and hold both the “Overview” and “Back” buttons simultaneously.

Now, you’ll be in the lock screen if you’ve enabled “Ask for (your screen lock method) before unpinning.” Otherwise, you’ll be in the app which you’ve pinned.