How to Schedule Posts on WordPress

Let’s say – you have a routine of posting posts on Mondays. However, you have an appointment on the upcoming Monday which will take you away from your blog for an entire day.

Unfortunately, you cannot change the date of appointment. In this case, what is the best you can do to maintain the routine publishing?

How about scheduling the post to get published automatically on Monday? Sounds good? Then this post is for you.

WordPress has the inbuilt functionality to do this task, and it is simple to do.

Without further ado, let’s see the steps to do the task.

Schedule WordPress Posts


After you have written the post, find the “Publish immediately” within the “Publish” meta box.

Publish meta box

Hit the “Edit” link beside “Publish immediately,” and now you can see the fields to set the date and time (24-hour format).

Date and time fields to change date and time

After you set the date and time, just press “OK.”

Done setting up date and time

Now, you can see the “Schedule” button within “Publish” meta box. Click on it.

That’s it. The post is scheduled to get published automatically at the date and time you specified.

Now, you can see the label “Scheduled” beside every scheduled post.

Scheduled label beside scheduled post

Also, you can see a new section within “Posts” called “Scheduled” (see the above screenshot) which contains only scheduled posts. Keep in mind that this section will be there as long as there is a scheduled post on your blog.

Here are answers to some questions which you may want to ask:

Can I schedule WordPress pages?

Yes, you can schedule WordPress pages too, and it is same as scheduling WordPress posts.

Can I change the date and time of scheduled posts?

Yes, you can. Just open the scheduled post, click the “Edit” link beside date and time within “Publish” meta box. Set the date and time you want, hit “OK” button and then hit the “Update” button.

In case, if you want to publish immediately, open the scheduled post, click the “Edit” link beside the date and time, choose the current date and time, hit “OK” button and then hit the “Publish” button.

Can I cancel the schedule?

Yes, you can cancel the schedule by making the post as Draft. Here’s how you can do that:

Just open the scheduled post. In the “Publish” meta box, you can see “Status” which is now “Scheduled.”

Just click “Edit” link beside “Scheduled.” From the drop-down list, choose “Draft” option.

Draft selected in the Status option

Hit the “OK” button and then “Update” button.

That’s it. The schedule is canceled, and the post becomes Draft now. However, the date and time you have scheduled are still there in the Draft as intact. You can use the steps in the above question to schedule it with the date and time you prefer or publish it immediately as per your choice.

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