How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

WhatsApp doesn’t have any inbuilt feature to schedule messages. But, we can achieve this by using third party apps.

You can schedule WhatsApp messages easily by using the app “Seebye Scheduler Root”. This app works on the rooted Android devices only. Let’s get started.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

  • Open the app.
  • Click on the login button and it will register on Google Cloud Messaging.
  • Once you see the plus icon, tap it.
  • Now provide the name for the rule and type the message.
  • Click on contacts and it will show you the list of WhatsApp contacts.
  • Click on date, time and frequency. Schedule it as your wish.
  • Click on add button.
Schedule Whatsapp messages using seebye scheduler

That’s it; The app will send the message at scheduled time.

If you wish to edit the rule, tap on the rule and choose the "Edit".

Edit the whatsapp schedule

You can use the string combinations while sending messages. You can take a look at those in the “text replacements” section.

String combinations

Once you scheduled the message, you can see the “active” notification besides the rule name. Once the message is sent, the rule becomes “inactive”.

Active message which is in schedule

Also, you can see the rules (messages) you’ve sent in the “History” section.

Scheduled messages history

Limitations for the free version user:

  • In the free version of the app, you can get 10 points. By opening the app, you can get two points weekly. When you run a rule, it costs a point. Have a look at the screenshot:
  • App points details
  • You can’t send messages to WhatsApp groups in the free version.
  • You can’t send images in the free version. Only text messages are allowed.

Final Thoughts

I’ve tried some alternatives of this app. They didn't worked. This app works great.

If you prefer to schedule few messages, the free version is enough.

If you want to schedule many messages and need to send scheduled messages for groups, then you need to purchase the pro version.

I hope you find this post useful. If you like the information in this post, share this post with your friends.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android

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