How to Schedule Text Messages on Android

Let’s say, you have a meeting tomorrow. You want to send a text to your colleague to bring an important file for tomorrow meeting.

You forget to text him and he doesn’t bring the file; This situation isn’t nice, right?

How about scheduling message? sounds good? then this post is for you.

By default, some Android devices (for instance: Samsung) have the luxury of scheduling text messages; But, not all the Android devices have.

If your device has the inbuilt option for scheduling SMS, then you can find it in the message compose screen and use that option for scheduling purpose.

If your device has no inbuilt option, then you can use the third party apps to get this functionality on your device.

Here, I’m going to suggest some apps for you. All the apps can do the task; you can pick the one as per your need and wish.

Let’s see what are those apps and how to do the scheduling on them.

Schedule Text Messages on Android

Method #1

Install and open Textra SMS app.

On the main screen, tap the message icon at the bottom.

In the message compose screen, set the contact to whom you want to send the message.

Type the message. If you have a dual SIM mobile, you can see the SIM number beside the message. That’s the SIM from which your message is gonna send. You can change the SIM by tapping the SIM number.

After you typed your message, tap the + icon and you can see the Schedule icon. Tap on it.

Choose the date and time as per your wish.

Scheduling message on Textra

Tap the Send icon.

That’s all. The message is scheduled and it will be sent at the time and date you specified.

In case, if you want to unschedule it, then here are the steps you need to do:

Open the contact.

Tap the scheduled message.

Now tap the first icon and it will take you to Schedule section.

Unscheduling text message

Tap the “Unschedule” button there and all is done.

Here is an important thing to note about this app:

You can schedule a message which will be sent only once and not repeatedly.

If you want to schedule a message which needs to be sent repeatedly, then you can use the following method.

See: How to Archive Text Messages on Android

Method #2

Install and open the AutomateIt app. This app has a lot of options and scheduling is one of them;

Tap “My Rules” option.

Tap + icon.

In the Trigger section, choose the “Time Trigger”. Set the time and date as per your need. Tap Next.

Trigger section

In the Action section, choose the “Send SMS” action.

Type the message and set the contact to whom you want to send this message. Tap Next.

Action section

Provide the name for the rule and tap the “Save” icon.

Naming the AutomateIt rule

That’s all. The rule will be triggered at the specified day and time and the message will be sent to the recipient.

Also, note that you can delete the rule at anytime you want and here are the steps:

Tap “My Rules” option.

Find and tap the rule.

Tap Delete Rule.

Tap OK for the confirmation message.

Here are the important things to note:

This rule will send the message on repeat. In our instance, I’ve scheduled the message to be sent to my colleague at Monday 9.00 AM of every week.

In a nutshell, the message will be sent repeatedly without any input from my end.

The AutomateIt app has the repeat option, but it is limited. No monthly or yearly option is available in it.

So, if you prefer to have more “repeat” options such as monthly and yearly, then the following one is for you.

Method #3

Install and open Schedule SMS: Send it later app.

Tap the pencil icon at the top.

Set the contact and type the message.

Tap Date and Time options and set them.

Set the Frequency. I’m setting it with the monthly frequency in this instance.

Set the Alert on Delivery option as per your need.

Scheduling SMS using Send it later app

Once have done all, tap Add button.

If you want to delete the message you scheduled, just tap Edit button at the top left and press Delete button beside the message.

Final Thoughts

If you have to schedule a message which needs to be sent repeatedly, then you can use the AutomateIt app. Otherwise, go with the Textra app.

If you need both once and repeat​, then go with the Send it later app.

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