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How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

Gmail doesn’t have the email scheduling feature. But, you can get this feature on Gmail by installing an add-on called Boomerang.

Boomerang allows us to schedule emails to send it later. It also offers response tracking, click tracking, read receipts and boomerang reminders feature.

The Boomerang website offers the free 30 days trial of the professional version. I recommend you to try the trial first before purchasing the paid subscriptions.

If you don’t want to go with the paid plans after the trial period, you can continue to use the free basic plan. However, the basic plan (free) is limited to send 10 scheduled emails per month.

Schedule Emails in Gmail


  • Install the Boomerang extension. This add-on works with the Firefox, Chrome, and Safari.
  • Log into your Gmail account. You can see that the boomerang add-on is installed on your Gmail account.
  • Click on "Compose" button and compose the email as usual.
  • Click on "Send Later" button to schedule the email. Now, you can see a popup with many options.
  • The tomorrow morning means that the email will send tomorrow morning 9.30 Am and tomorrow afternoon specifies that the email message will be delivered to the recipient at the 12.00 Pm.

    Hover the cursor near the schedule options to see the exact time where the message will be sent. Also, you can enter the custom time and date to schedule emails.

  • If you want to send the email at predefined date and time, then click on the corresponding option to schedule email. If you set the custom date and time, then click on "Confirm" button to schedule the email.
  • Boomerang popup on the compose screen

That's all, Your email is scheduled.

Boomerang Important Features

Schedule recurring message

This option is used to schedule the email to send in a recurring manner. Click on it and you can see this screen.

Schedule recurring message screen

Configure it as per your need.

Boomerang this

This option alerts you when the specific action is not performed on the recipient end within the specific time.

You can see the alert messages as starred, unread, labeled as Boomerang-returned at the top of your inbox. This option makes it easier for you to ensure that the specific action is not performed at the recipient end.

  • Enable this option to activate it.
  • Choose the number of days or time as per your need.
  • In the next drop-down list, choose the desired action.

Manage Schedule Messages

Click on "Boomerang" icon (near your Gmail username) > Manage scheduled messages.

Here, you can reschedule, edit, send or cancel the messages all your scheduled emails (See screenshot).

Manage schedule messages screen

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How to Schedule Emails in Gmail

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