How to Save WhatsApp Status in MX Player

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How to Save WhatsApp Status

Here, we’ll see how to save WhatsApp status using Files or the MX Player app.

Files App

Here’s how you can save WhatsApp status on Android (rooted and non-rooted):

Open the Files app.

Hit “Browse” at the bottom if you’re not in it already.

Hit “Internal Storage” at the bottom.

Tap the “WhatsApp” folder.

Hit the “Media” folder.

You will see “.Statuses” folder. If you’re using any other app than the Files app mentioned above, then you may not see this folder. If that’s the case, play with the settings in the app you’re using to show hidden files since “.Statuses” folder is a hidden folder.

Hit that folder and you will see WhatsApp statuses. If you don’t see your preferred WhatsApp status here, open WhatsApp and then see “.Statuses” folder.

Copy the one you want to the place you prefer since statuses will automatically delete itself after 24 hours.

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MX Player App

First, see the WhatsApp status that you would like to save.

Install and open the MX Player app.

Provide “Storage” permission.

Tap the three horizontal lines at the top left.

Hit “WhatsApp Status Saver.”

In the “Recent” tab, you can see the status you would like to save.

Tap the status to view it. Tap the “Download” icon on the status to save it.

Note: you can see the saved status video in the “Saved” tab. If you want to delete any of the saved status videos, then hit the “Trash can” icon at the top right and select the one you wish (need to select all? use the “Select All” option at the bottom left). Hit the “Remove” option at the bottom right.

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How to Set Blank Status and About on WhatsApp

Install and open the Empty Text app.

In the “No of blank characters” field, enter the number of characters you prefer.

If you prefer blank rows, then select “Rows.” Enter the number of rows in the “No of blank rows” field.

Tap the “Generate” button.

Hit the “Send” icon. Hit the “Copy.”

Open WhatsApp.

For Blank About:

Hit the three horizontal dots at the top right.

Tap “Settings.”

Tap your name at the top.

Hit the “About.”

Hit the “Pencil” icon.

Clear the current about. Long press in the text field and you see “Paste” option. Hit it.

Hit “Save.”

For Blank Status:

Hit “Status” tab.

Tap “Pencil” icon at the bottom.

Long press the text field and you see “Paste” option. Hit it.

Hit “Send” icon.