How to Save WhatsApp Status

Whatsapp does not have an inbuilt option to save Status.

However, from the two methods discussed here in this post, you can save WhatsApp Status.

You can use these following ways on both rooted and non-rooted Android devices. Without further ado, let’s get started.

Save WhatsApp Status

Method #1

.Statuses Folder

You can save Status on WhatsApp without any app and here are the steps:

Open WhatsApp and navigate to the “Status” tab. Open the Status that you want to save.

Now, head over to the WhatsApp folder > Media.

The Media folder has a hidden folder called “.Statuses,” which stores all the Statuses that you have opened.

Since it is a hidden folder, you need to unhide it. If you need any help with unhiding, check out this article.

After you unhide the folder, you can see the Statuses.

Statuses folder

The Status automatically deletes itself after 24 hours. So, it will not be available in the folder permanently.

So, I suggest you copy the Status and move it to another folder on your Android device, cloud or to your computer.

Once you moved the Status to another folder on your Android device, then you can see it in the gallery.

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Method #2

Third-Party App

View the Status that you want to save on Whatsapp.

Install and open “Status Saver” app.

Provide the permission for the app.

Now, the app will show you the Status. The “Images” tab contains image statuses, and “Videos” tab includes Gifs and video statuses.

WhatsApp picture Status under Images tab

To save WhatsApp Status, long press the one that you want. Hit “Save” icon at the top.

Selected WhatsApp picture Status

Alternatively, you can save it by tapping the one you want, tap “+” icon, and then choose “Save” option.

Save option to save WhatsApp picture Status

The Statuses you save will be stored in the “StorySaver” folder of your Android device.

Both the methods do the task. You can choose the one as per your convenience.

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