How to Save Web Page as PDF on Android and PC

Do you want to save web page as PDF? then, this guide is for you.

You can save your favorite web page as PDF in many ways on Android and Windows computer.

But before we proceed with this, it’s good to know its main advantages and disadvantages.

What is the advantage of saving the web page as PDF?

  • You can read it anytime offline.
  • You can share it with others easily.

What is the disadvantage of saving the web page as PDF?

  • The links on the web page aren't available to click on the PDF (Some of the methods on our post have this disadvantage. I've mentioned this on the corresponding methods).

In this post, we will see the simple ways to do that on both the devices. Let's get started.

Save Web Page as PDF on Android

Dedicated App


  • Open the "Convert web to PDF" app.
  • Input the web page URL in the field “Input URL here to convert”.
  • Convert web to PDF
    • Save
  • Tap the convert button.
  • After it converts, you can see this page.
  • Click on “open” to open the PDF within the app inbuilt PDF reader.

I recommend you to open the PDF in other PDF readers such as WPS Office. Because the inbuilt PDF reader looks a bit shady.

You can configure the app to use the external reader by going to Settings > enable External reader. From now on, the app opens the PDF in your external PDF reader.

Alternative way

  • ​Go to your favorite browser. In this instance, I’m using Chrome browser app.
  • Tap overflow (three vertical dots) and choose the Share option.
  • Share options in chrome
    • Save
  • From the options, choose “Convert web to PDF ”. It will take you to the app and you can see the web page URL is automatically pasted in the app.
  • Click on convert button.

The Disadvantage here is that the app will save the file with the random name. To avoid this, go to Settings > enable Rename file. So, from now on, when you try to save the file, it will prompt you to provide the name for the file.

You can find all the saved PDF under File Manager section of the app or you can see all the files here: /storage/sdcard0/webtopdf.

Go to Settings and try other options such as “No image”. One thing I like the most about this app is that it creates a table of contents for you as per the web page (For this feature, you need to enable the option “Table of content” in Settings).

Here is the table of contents for Technology Hint.

Table of contents of Technology Hint
  • Save

When you click on the particular topic in the table of content, it will take you there in the PDF.

Another thing you need to note here is that if the web page you are saving lazy loads the images, then the images will not be available in the PDF.

Browser Inbuilt option


Firefox has an inbuilt option to save the web page as PDF. This method has link disadvantage.


  • ​Open the web page and click overflow menu (three vertical dots).
  • Choose Page > Save as PDF.
  • Save as pdf option in firefox
    • Save

You can see the saved file in the Downloads folder.


Chrome has an inbuilt option for this task on Android KitKat and above. This method has link disadvantage.


  • Open the web page.
  • Click on overflow menu > Print > Select Save as PDF > Click Download PDF icon.

If your Android device version is before Kitkat, then you can use the Google Cloud Print to get this task done.

But, the disadvantage here is that the file will be saved on the Google Drive and not on your Android device storage.


  • In the web page, click on overflow menu and select Share.
  • share options in firefox
    • Save
  • Choose the Cloud Print and it will take you to the Google Cloud Print app.
  • Click on "Save to Google Drive" option and Play icon on the top. Now, you can see the file on your Google Drive.


You can add add-ons to the browser to save the web page as PDF. Only some browsers have this feature such as Dolphin browser.

Save Web Page as PDF on Computer


Chrome browser gives us the option to save the web page as PDF without any add-on.


  • Open the web page and press Ctrl + P.
  • In the Print window, click on “Change” button.
  • Choose "Save as PDF".
  • Google chrome print option
    • Save
  • Select All (or selective pages) in the Pages and click on "Save".

That’s all. You’ve got your favorite web page as PDF.


Like Chrome, we can’t convert the PDF via print option by default in Firefox.

But, we can do this by simply installing this software “CutePDF”. This method has link disadvantage (for some websites).


  • Install CutePDF.
  • Open the web page on the Firefox.
  • Press Ctrl + P and it will open Print dialog box.
  • Click on Print button at the top.
  • From the drop-down list, choose CutePDF Writer.
  • Choose the other options as per your need and click OK.


Like Chrome, the procedure to convert web page to PDF is same for the Opera.

  • Open the web page and press Ctrl + P.
  • In the Print window, click on "Change" button and select "Save as PDF".
  • Configure the other options as per your need and click on "Save" button.


If you wish to do this task with the add-ons, then you can try it out the FireShot add-on. Here are the download links of FireShot for each browser:




  • Save

Online Conversion Tool [For Android and PC]


  • Go to web2pdfconvert.
  • Paste the URL and click on "Convert to PDF".
  • Once the PDF is ready, you can download it to your computer or save it to the Google Docs.

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How to Save Web Page as PDF on Android and PC

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