How to Safely Remove OTG from Android

USB OTG or OTG (ON-THE-GO) is described as a standard that allows devices such as Android to act as the host which allows other Hardware devices such as Keyboard, Mouse, and USB storage devices to be attached to them.

You can connect USB storage devices to your Android phone via OTG cable and access its contents on the Android. In this post, we will see the steps to safely remove OTG from Android. Let's get started.

Safely Remove OTG

It is not recommended to remove the OTG cable directly from Android. It may cause data corruption. If you do it, you will see a notification like this (See screenshot).

Improper USB unmount

First, you should unmount the USB storage device and then you've to remove OTG cable. To safely remove USB storage device from Android, follow the below steps:


  • Go to Settings > Storage.
  • Tap "Unmount USB storage" option.
  • Unmount USB Storage
  • You’ll see a message stating “USB storage will be unmounted” (see screenshot).
  • Successfull Unmount Toast Notification
  • Now, remove the OTG cable from Android. You'll see a notification like this:
  • Successfull USB Unmount

That's it. You've safely removed USB storage device from Android.

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