How to See Twitter Timeline in Reverse Chronological Order

By default, Twitter shows the best tweets at the top of your timeline instead of the most recent tweets.

If you prefer to see tweets in reverse chronological order, then here are the steps:


Open the Twitter app (Android or iPhone) or Sign in to Twitter on PC.

If you’re not in “Home” already, hit the “Home” icon at the bottom or “Home” option at the left side of the screen (if you’re on PC).

Hit the icon at the top beside “Home.”

Icon beside Home

Hit “See latest Tweets instead” option.

That’s all. All done.

If you want to go back to default, then follow the above steps (1 and 2), hit the icon at the top beside “Latest Tweets,” and then hit “Go back to Home” or “Go back Home” (if you’re on iPhone or PC).

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